What You Need To Know About The Vintage Rolex Watch

In almost any culture, a gold-made Rolex watch (นาฬิกา ROLEX ทองแท้, which is the term in Thai) signifies affluence and success. All of the watchmaking looks up to the Rolex name because of its impeccable reputation. They can significantly increase the value of any watch collection due to their air of sophistication and authority. Still, both sexes everywhere can’t seem to get enough of a high-end luxury watch in solid gold.

Rare Rolex Gold And Other Gold Watches

Rolex is proud that the gold used in its watches is cast right there in their foundry. In-house smelting allows Rolex to use only the purest metals in producing gold-made Rolex watches timepieces. Gold content varies by model, although all modern Rolex watches use at least 18-carat gold, with some older models using 14 karats or ten karat gold as a point of comparison.

The Rolex Catalog Sells Watches In Three Different Types Of Gold Which Are:

· Yellow Gold

The traditional Rolex gold finish has been improved over the years to provide a unique alloy that is harder and less prone to tarnishing. It is used in making gold-made Rolex watches.

· White Gold

It’s the same as 18k white gold, which Rolex uses. Like stainless steel, this metal’s polish is highly corrosion-resistant, but its tonal quality is slightly more pleasing.

· Rose Gold

Also known as Everose, was introduced in 2005 and used a unique combination of copper, silver, and platinum to generate that desirable warm pink hue. The gold-made Rolex watches are also made from rose gold.

Features Of Rolex Watches

· Individual Tests Are Conducted On Each Eye

A Rolex watch is placed into an air-filled container to be tested for water resistance; if air seeps into the case, the pressure changes.

· A Rolex Watch Is Manufactured Once Every Year

Rolex uses nothing but the finest materials and craftsmanship to make each of its timepieces. They are concerned about the product’s effectiveness and quality. The entire business is, in reality, devoted to making the best timepieces.

· Rolex Maintain Value

Watches lose far less value over time than premium vehicles do. These watches have sustained product value, so if you bought a Rolex as an investment or need to sell in the future, you will do well.


Considering everything that Rolex is and does, it’s hard to believe that their ultimate business is producing timepieces. Rolex watches are more than just a wristwatch; they’ve become an icon of status and style. However, the reason a “Rolex is a Rolex” is that they are high-quality timepieces that reliably display the correct time within a few seconds.

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