Backed by leading dermatologists, Leegeehaam (LGH) Cosmetics, formerly Leejiham (LJH) Cosmetics, was first established in the year 2000 and it pioneered the concept of cosmeceutical in Korea with its innovative and advanced products, each specialized in treating specific skin concern.

5 Alpha Control Cream

Its a Control Cream is an oil-free cream for oily, combination, and sensitive skin. 5a Control Cream helps control skin glow and provides rich hydration, leaving skin intensely moisturized. It Control Cream relieves skin from problems and offers outstanding moisturizing to the skin. Directions for use: Apply 5a Control Cream evenly on face. Recommended for: – Controlling pores and skin glow caused by excessive sebum. Maintaining healthy skin with rich hydration. – Oily, combination, and the perfect solution for your shiny and oily skin! The expert formula in 5α Control Cream balances shiny and oily skin, while constantly nourishing and moisturizing deep inside the skin.

How to Use :

  • Apply an appropriate amount on face and gently pat to absorb better
    CAUTION For external use only.


5 Alpha Control Emulsion

The perfect solution for your shiny and oily skin! The expert formula in 5α Control Emulsion reduces excessive sebum, making skin clean and purified. At the same time, it provides deep moisturizing with hyaluronic acid, leaving it hydrated, yet mattified with a perfect balance

5 alpha control emulsion contains rich cinnamon extract which is the key factor for controlling sebum on skin. It removes excess sebum on the skin, especially around T-zone.

  • A mineral/oil-free emulsion that prevents oil and shine without leaving skin dry and tight
  • Contains a high concentration of Seicontrol A5, the key ingredient for shine control
  • Cleanse pores and control sebum
  • Balance oil and alleviate blemishes
  • Soothes skin comfortably through generous moisture delivery

How to Use : 

  • Pump 2-3 times and apply over the face; gently pat to absorb better


Vita Propolis Ampoule

The Propolis Ampoule is the GR Team’s pick for February & March Glow Gamechanger, a monthly spotlight of one treatment that will change your skincare game, forever. 

A multi-tasking, glow-creating serum ampoule packed with 50% Propolis extract and 20% Multi-vitamins. Perfect for giving an instant “gwang” (dewy glow in Korean) to the skin. It also revitalizes skin, helping to even tone, smooth texture and improve dullness. For all skin types. Suitable for acne-prone skin.

How it works:

Formulated with Propolis extract, 3 types of vitamins, Centella Asiatica, Sea Buckthorn extract, Witch Hazel extract, and Rose extract, this ampoule boosts the moisture and nutrient level and vitality, protects and firms skin.


About Leegeehaam

With its slogan, “Beauty is Clever” it is sustaining the best efforts to develop advanced and effective, yet safe and clever skincare for delivering enhanced appearance to every person.

What is more, Leegeehaam(LGH) Research & Development Center is playing an important role in developing more professional skin care by carrying out systematic and scientific research on a formula to create highly sought-after products around the world.

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