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Mix & Fix Colour Drops in Purple by Gosh!!

The new MIX & FIX COLOR DROPS drops from GOSH COPENHAGEN are a series of four different correction shades. Exceptionally pigmented shades will help you to adjust and fine tune any liquid make-up or skin cream. At the same time, the skin hydrates and protects it, supplemented by valuable antioxidants in the form of an extract of cherry blossom and oil from a ballerina.


  • Customisation of liquid foundation
  • Few drops to match any skin tone
  • Eliminates redness and yellow skin tones
  • Use alone or mix with foundation
  • Easy to mix & fix, blends perfectly
  • With Cherry Blossom & Samphire
  • Perfume & paraben free.

003 Purple – Neutralizes yellowish and gray spots corrects dark spots and pigment differences. Decrease the yellowish or grayish tingling sensation by mixing a few drops of the preparation into the underlying base and application under make-up.

The Main Ingredients : 

A cherry blossom is a symbol of spring and a new beginning. Its symbolism is in perfect harmony with the high proportion of antioxidants and soothing properties that this flower has. The oil that is derived from the cherry blossom is rich in essential fatty acids, acts anti-inflammatory, restores the natural skin barrier, leaves it smooth and supple.

Herbal salmon oil (hydrasalinol) is used for its intense hydration capability. Effectively improves the amount of hydration in the skin and prevents water loss.



GOSH COPENHAGEN is a young and innovative cosmetics, bath & body and fragrance company based in Denmark. Founded in 1945 as a pharmaceutical company, GOSH COPENHAGEN quickly moved into the cosmetics industry. GOSH COPENHAGEN products are currently sold in more than 75 countries throughout the world.

All product development, production, and distribution take place from our head office in Denmark, as we see no better way than overseeing all the steps ourselves. This way they ensure all products under the GOSH COPENHAGEN brand embody our identity and values.

The extensive product range enables consumers to find precisely the product that matches their individual style and wishes. Today’s beauty trends are constantly changing, and innovation forms the cornerstones of GOSH COPENHAGEN. They are quick to capture new ideas, consumer needs, and future trends, translating all of these aspects into exciting new products.

All GOSH COPENHAGEN products are developed using the very latest technology and knowledge. They are dedicated to providing our customers with fashionable, high-quality products at accessible prices.

Make your impression…!

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