They have been one of the dazzling brands in the manufacturing of 24K Gold Foil handcrafted ornaments, gifts, souvenirs and decoration products since 2006. Headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E.The pursuit of excellence is simply part of our ethos at Q Best Gold

For years, they have been proud and privileged to play a part in some of the most important moments in your lives and this is at the heart of why we adore what we do. They believe that choosing the item for your special occasion or that special person is part of the important moment itself, and that’s why we make it our mission to ensure that each and every customer has a wonderful experience every time they choose Q Best Gold

Q Best Gold has made the exceptional journey from a local company to becoming one of the world-leading international pure gold gift and ornaments supplier company by building trust and loyalty.

Q Best Gold envisions being a Brand that is sparkling the World. Q Best Gold™ commits to bringing the luxury handcrafted pure gold ornaments for customers to further establish its reputation in the international market. With each piece fully examined before reaching the showroom you are safe in the knowledge that they have taken the time and care to ensure the highest standards are to be expected here at Q Best Gold.


The 24K Gold Foil Pendants Collection from Q Best Gold, this collection is specially made for ladies who want to be different, their Glass Pendants Filled with 24K Gold Foil particles are the best way to be different.


24K Gold Foil Mini Brooch Small Rose Flower

Gold Foil Flower

The 24K Gold Foil Flowers Collection from Q Best Gold, is their Flagship collection. Rose being symbol of Love, is what makes this collection our most popular collection of Q Best Gold, they hand make each of the Flowers and unlike the real flowers that you buy this collection will last you a life time.


24K Gold Foil 3D Burj Khalifa Frame

24K Gold Foil Souvenir Collection from Q Best Gold, is the ultimate gift idea and memorabilia of your time in UAE. The craftsman hand-make the unforgettable locations and views that you visited, using 24K Gold Foil and bring them to life with a 3D effect.

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