Vipera Cosmetics exclusive make-up and skin care product is manufactured using the latest technologically advanced standards of research and testing. Every product is dermatologically–tested and approved and guaranteed to be safe and hypo-allergenic. None of our products is tested on animals.

  • Over 300 Colors of Nail Polish and Nail Care Products
  • Over 100 Gorgeous Lip Sticks and Glosses
  • Over 60 different Face Products including powders, concealers and foundations
  • Over 310 exciting eye shadow colors, mascaras, eye and lip pencils
  • A variety of brushes suited for each product


Adds volume and length for an alluring, feminine look.

The Mascara is equipped an innovative Spider brush made with ball-tipped bristles to better pick up and deliver a considerable amount of mascara to the lashes. The technically advanced wand allows to amazingly volumize and separate lashes. The ball-tipped bristles cause more mascara to cling to the brush so, superbly defined and richly coated in velvety blackness, the lashes impress with infinite length and beauty. With one application you get longer and thicker lashes than with other brushes. The special bristles also work like a comb to separate individual eyelashes.

Vipera Voluminator Mascara adds volume and lengthening for an alluring, feminine look

  • Terrific thickening and lengthening formula
  • The natural bristles of the so-called “Spider” brush allow each individual lash to be lifted
  • The “Spider” brush lash builder creates fabulously thick, long lashes and beautiful eyes with “VOLUMINATOR” Mascara


VIPERA Multifunctional BB Cream COVER ME UP 

Against failures. It gives “light face” comfort. Gives excellent coverage.

COVER ME UP is intended to both cover and treat blemishes such as acne, sun spots and age spots. It also has anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. Reduces shine, hydrates. Protects, renews and refits imperfections. Skin is protected by Natural Filters.

  • Conceals defects of skin, blemishes and spots
  • Covers flaws, fights imperfections
  • Gives the beautiful porcelain skin effect
  • Takes care of your skin without feeling tight
  • With UV protection


LIP MATTE COLOR Liquid Lipstick

It is a lip color with enhanced amounts of pigment for extreme color intensity.  Each Lipstick holds intense amount of pigment, resulting in extreme color intensity and clarity in a liquid-suede finish that lingers. The luxurious base melts on contact, providing fully saturated color with a stain finish in one stroke.

A precise applicator leaves an even layer of luscious color. Draws the contours and infuses lips with fully saturated rich shade. Pair it with a complementary lip pencil to create a perfectly defined lip look.

Remove excess product with a paper tissue. The Lipstick stays on for many hours even after eating or drinking. Simultaneously, it hydrates and nourishes lip skin.
LIP MATTE COLOR Lipstick can be removed with a regular makeup remover.

Ingredients : 

Sesame Oil, Moisturizing Glycerin, Hydrating Silica.

  • Robustly saturated shades
  • Full opaque effect, stay-true color
  • Super long-lasting finish, 8 hours
  • Color wears evenly and smoothly


Elite Matte Lipstick 

A creamy rich Lipstick formula with high color pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.

A  great asset of the luxurious colors with soft matte properties assures of a velvety feeling without drying out the skin. Delivers color with a slightly powdery feel. A highly pigmented finish wears off delicately and evenly, leaving a lasting and neat look for hours.

Microspheres of natural origin give a luscious matte finish which feels light on the lips. One-of-a-kind texture, of eye-catching colors create a look that is feminine and long-lasting. Formulated with emollients to ensure smooth application and pleasant sensations. A mixture of candelilla, bee and rice bran waxes and also natural oils guarantees perfect coverage plus intensive color which feels light on the lips.

Ingredients : 

Natural Candelilla * Bee and Rice Bran Waxes * Natural Oils * Dry Emollients

  • Can update your look instantly
  • Pigment rich lipstick with intense color pay-off wears off delicately and evenl
  • Whichever shade you choose, all promise one thing – fascination with the suede finish and long-wear


Mineral Brow & Eye Liner by VIPERA. 

For Eyelid and Eyelid – special, waterproof, practical .

It is used for shaping lost eyebrows, filling or replenishing pre-pressed, as well as for painting trendy lashes along the base of the eyelashes . Provides long-lasting effect of full and underlined eyebrows . Can improve the appearance of each eyebrow. We can easily achieve the desired effect with a brush in the bottle cap of Liner.

The color does not smudge, it does not crumble and remains spotless .

Ingredients : 

Silicone Emollients, Mineral Ingredients, Silicone Resin, Microspheres, Waterproof Agents

  • Mineral Liner for eyebrows and eyelids.
  • It has a creamy consistency which easily spreads and allows to enhance the make-up.
  • Liner is perfect for eye development as well as shaping or complementing eyebrows.
  • Waterproof formula guarantees 24H durability make-up.
  • The product was enriched with a paint brush (hidden in the cap).
  • Cosmetic placed in a small jar.


City Blush Fun

Make-up artists’ most essential tool. A fade-proof cheek formula that imparts color  and a sheer, dewy finish, allows you to create effects that range from sheer layers to luscious intensities, depending on application.
Blush gives skin a touch of color, highlights the facial features and creates a soft, velvety glimpse of beauty to every woman’s face. Blushing rose and copper tones create a subtle, feminine glow. Blends easily.

Achieve a younger, healthier, more beautiful appearance by reaching for CITY FUN Blush. A “girl’s” best friend.


Ingredients : 

Moisturizing and Brightening Emollient, Spherica and Lauroyl Lysine

How to Use : 

Apply Blush sparingly with either Extol or Kabuki Brush over lightly powdered skin.

  • Fresh, natural shades
  • Creates illusion of highlighted cheeks, slimmer face, younger, healthy skin tone
  • Easy application with carrying case and mirror plus wide brush



Base for nail polishes. It will allow you to remove them without the need to use solvent and nail polish remover. This product is especially recommended for glitter products. Just gently lever the paint up to completely remove it from nails.

Innovative, water-based formula is perfect for sensitive nails. Precise brush provides easy application.

  • Base for nail polishes.
  • It allows you to remove nail polishes using a nail polish remover.
  • Perfect for glitter polishes.
  • Perfect for sensitive and delicate nails.
  • Provides a precise, easy application.

How does peel off?

  • Base peel off produced is water-based and is an advanced formulation protects the nail plate
  • Starting peel off paint the nails twice
  • After drying the base paint and decorate nails, we can also apply varnish other companies
  • Database peel off a viper will remove decorations of nails without the use degreaser
  • All you have to do is prune the nail on the nail base to effortlessly remove the nail from the nail
  • It is a safe preparation even for very sensitive nail plates.


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