Namastea is a respectful greeting in hindu customs meaning literally “I bow to you”.
It represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra.

That’s the reason why the word is also widely used in yoga practice to create a better connection within the group. Namastea has vocation to use those principles in our daily life in providing natural teas to exert the harmonious aspirations of each of us and rediscover this hidden spark. Because the modern world can sometimes have serious negative effects on our health (stress, pollution, fattening food, …), we need to look for healthy solutions.

With its selection of natural teas from Sri Lanka, Namastea provides you all the benefits of tea and some targeted solutions to the every-day challenges you may face.

The product line includes :

  • Go Green : Green tea with mint flavor
  • Candy Crush : Black tea with flavor

  • Good Morning : Natural Black Tea

  • Lime Punch : Green tea with lemon flavor

  • Midnight Rendez-Vous : Black tea with flavor

  • Mister Grey : Black tea with Earl Grey flavor

  • Simple Treat : Black tea with flavor

  • Sun Kiss : Black tea with flavor

  • Sweet Dreams : Chamomile with Honey

Candy Crush :

The flowerish composition of Candy Crush Tea is a great beauty solution for your skin. With its sweet taste, candy lovers will find their perfect beauty partner.

Black tea, Rose petals, Blue Mallow flowers, Marigold flowers, Saf flowers, Strawberry Cream flavor.
Dry, temperature max 28C to 32C
3 to 4 min
+++of Namastea
Did you know that rose petals exert a wonderful effect on your lips, not only by giving them a pinkish hue, they also make them soft.
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