New boutique concept being rolled out around the world to offer customers a multi-sensory experience.

Montblanc, the international leader in men’s luxury accessories, has reopened its flagship boutique in Dubai Mall, showcasing the new Neo-concept boutique design currently being rolled out globally.  The official opening was marked at an evening event attended by 150 VIP customers, media and friends of the Maison on Wednesday, 11th October, and hosted by Nicolas Baretzki, Chief Executive Officer of Montblanc International.

Reflecting the essence of Montblanc as the Maison of Fine Lifetime Companions, the new boutique communicates the true expression of luxury in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.  The immersive space also allows customers to explore the Montblanc story on their own terms and discover the diversity of Montblanc’s product offerings in areas dedicated to each category.

Guests at the opening enjoyed an enhanced multi-sensory experience that brought to life the Maison’s longstanding heritage and passion for craftsmanship, with demonstrations by artisans from Montblanc’s European watch and writing instrument manufactures. Also on display during the evening was a collection of limited edition and high artistry pieces, including the Montblanc TimeWalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph Limited Edition 100 timepiece, and the diamond encrusted High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca Limited Edition writing instrument, limited to one piece worldwide.

Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the new boutique concept introduces a pure and uncluttered aesthetic, mixing black, white and wood, and features three main design themes linked to the roots of the Maison.  The curved gesture that gives shape to the retail space evokes calligraphy and the culture of writing associated with the Montblanc fountain pen. The emblem, inspired by the snowcap of the Mont Blanc mountain and symbol of the highest standards of perfection, is paired with the ink shades to represent the life and soul of Montblanc, and the desire to always evolve through innovation. Inside the boutique, alongside the black lacquered wall panels, recalling the distinctive Montblanc precious resin, an animated artistic ink flows on large screens.

Speaking at the opening event, Nicolas Baretzki, CEO, Montblanc said: “As one of only 15 Montblanc flagship boutiques in the world, and located in the most visited retail and lifestyle shopping destination in the world, The Dubai Mall boutique represents a global landmark for the Maison.  The new boutique design is one that not only represents the essence of Montblanc, but is also entirely relevant for today’s customer – inviting personal interpretation and experiential discovery.

“We are privileged to count a significant number of our collectors in this region, and this newly designed boutique is a natural home for our limited edition collections.  We expect to be regularly showcasing a number of high value pieces here.”

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The Passion for Craftsmanship

The Maison’s long-standing passion for craftsmanship is narrated throughout the new boutique, with the dark wood composition, inspired by the wood furniture used by craftsmen to practice their skills in each of the Maison’s manufactures. The selection of refined materials inside the boutique not only express the Maison’s European codes of elegance and spirit of craftsmanship, but also serve to identify each category by the distinct materials with which they are usually associated. Watchmaking is brought to life through the use of bronze-sheen brass, leather and wood; black leather and walnut wood reflect the Maison’s leather goods expertise; while lacquers and fine metals evoke writing instruments and jewellery.

The Writing Instrument Experience

At the rear of the boutique, the Manufacture Bar is the place where customers can engage with product experts and those who want to enjoy the pleasure of writing will have the opportunity to test all types of writing instruments, nibs and inks. The digital corner will also offer enthusiasts the opportunity to test the Maison’s latest Augmented Paper editions, experiencing the ways in which the art of writing has been transposed to the digital world.

The Leather Atelier

In the Leather Atelier, the focus is on a “touch and feel” experience, where Montblanc’s expertise, creativity and collections are revealed through the senses. The sight, feel and smell of fine Italian leather can be enjoyed by browsing the unique leather library containing more than 50 different skins inside bound books.

The Lounge Collectors

The Lounge provides an intimate space where collectors can view limited editions or experience Montblanc customization services, from embossing leather goods or bespoke Creation Privée personalization, in the most comfortable and private setting.

The new Montblanc boutique is located on the Ground Floor of The Dubai Mall.

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 About Montblanc

Guided by the pioneering spirit since 1906, Montblanc revolutionized the culture of writing with breakthrough innovations. Today, the Maison continues to push boundaries and evolve the expression of fine craftsmanship across each of its product categories: the pinnacle of luxury writing instruments, timepieces, leather goods, accessories, fragrances and eyewear.  With every innovation, Montblanc offers new functionalities and groundbreaking designs imbued with the Maison’s heritage of sophistication and crafted to the highest standards through the skills of its artisans in each of its manufactures whether Hamburg, Germany for its writing instruments, the Swiss Jura in Le Locle and Villeret for its timepieces or Florence, Italy for its leather goods.  Reflecting its ongoing mission to create fine lifetime companions born from the most pioneering ideas, the iconic Montblanc Emblem has become the ultimate seal of performance, innovation, quality and expression of style. With its origins deeply rooted in the culture of handwriting, Montblanc continues to assert its cultural commitment around the world with the creation of wide-ranging initiatives to promote arts and culture in many forms, while honouring the modern day patrons who support the advancement of the arts.

About Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

French-born designer of both spaces and objects, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance creates environments that are not distinguished in any way by a use, a form, a material or an aesthetic. He considers each project like an organic form that grows with its user. A place where the curve and the straight line, sensuality and rigour interact in a confrontation conducive to creating meaning and able to awaken all the senses, in the style of a natural element which can also defy human order and disorder. Duchaufour Lawrance often compares his approach to niwa, the little garden found at the heart of a traditional Japanese house. Like an organic pulse within a discipline dedicated above all to respond to the demands of the industry, market or client. Thus, he does not limit himself in the projects that he develops, designing objects for inspired lines for design manufacturers such as Bernhardt Design, Ceccotti Collezioni, Ligne Roset, Pleyel, Tachini and Zanotta, composing harmonious living areas including Air France lounges Ciel de Paris, Senderens, Megu at The Alpina Gstaad, La Transhumance chalet) as well as defining the image of a product or a showcase for a famous brand from Paco Rabanne and Perrier Jouët to Baccarat and Swarovski. Inhabited by a legacy for art nouveau, Noé Duchaufour Lawrance refers to the universal character of nature to impose forms that make sense