In the course of almost two decades, the company and the product range have grown considerably and sustainably. Still, the three fundamental values on which they built Hollinger from the outset have constantly remained the same :

Simplicity, Naturalness, Mobility.

You will find these basic values in each and every element of our philosophy : in simple yet delicious recipes, in additive-free preparations and in the use of natural and unprocessed raw materials wherever possible.

However, these principles also define the product range, which combines tradition with contemporary flexibility :  respond quickly and gladly to current tastes, nutritional trends and our customers’ needs.

Yet they never lose aim, which have clearly defined right from the outset many years ago : to bring the full flavor of nature directly into your glass – just as delicious as straight from the tree!

  • Pure Nature
  • Simply delicious
  • 100% Vegan
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from artificial sweetener & aroma
  • Free from artificial colorants

I got to try my favorite fruits in the form of juices, Johannis Beere, Bio Mango and Bio Marille.


This amazing brand is available at The Change Initiative.

Founded in 2008, The Change Initiative is proudly home grown in the UAE. What began as a simple passion to provide consumers with environmentally friendly, socially responsible, healthy choices has grown into a highly-respected distribution business that represents many of the world’s most respected, ethically responsible, food and non-food brands. We distribute to over 400 retail outlets, within the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries, across various channels.

We have a dedicated team of sales personnel, merchandisers, promoters and marketing professionals to efficiently market our brands to target consumers by providing stand-out, on-shelf visibility and consumer product benefit education. A state-of-the-art warehousing and logistics infrastructure supports our outstanding service levels.

The Change Initiative is part of Mazrui International LLC, a conglomerate group of companies based in Abu Dhabi. The group consists of more than 85 companies operating in the oil & gas, construction, retail, industrial, healthcare, education, logistics, property, and investment management services.

The company’s business activities are primarily located in the GCC and the wider MENA region.

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