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Who they are : 

We’re your beauty hunters… searching for your new favorite beauty goodies.

What we do : 

They offer a monthly beauty box that will be tailored to your beauty profile. If you like any of the products in the box you can buy them in full size on the e-shop of Doribox.
If you already know the products that you are looking for, you can directly purchase them on the e-shop.

What makes them different

They tailor every box so that you discover amazing products that you need and then by giving them feedbacks on the products they will constantly improve your monthly box.

Why Dori ?

Doribox whole concept is based on a personal discovery that can then be gifted to your loved ones. From the beginning we wanted to have a name that had no cultural nor linguistic nor time boundaries. So they looked at some of the oldest civilizations and the words they used to explain the notion of gifting and objects that are precious.

Le Sourcil Eye Brow Pencil

The high precision lead pencil ranges in eleven shades which fit naturally to your colours (eyebrow and hair colours, skin complexion) and nature for an enhanced effect.Thin, long lasting, water resistant, it does not need any pencil sharpener. It is really easy to use to get a perfect hair drawing and a fading effect. The look, thanks to this eyebrow shaping action, is revealed.

How to use :

  • Draw the eyebrow hair by hair, create the ideal curve by optimizing the existing one and by intensifying the look of the line.
  • At this stage, I create movement, I structure the top of the arch, I expand the tail
    of the eyebrow. I use the Pencil to fill in a scar or pad a sparse area, simply by drawing a piece of hair where it is needed.
  • The dry texture of the Pencil brings a perfect long lasting effect, with no touch up needed during the day.


Move the pencil lead out from one millimetre only to avoid breaking. Avoid pencil from falling.’


  • Drawing strokes can be faded with the Brush.
  • A beauty spot can be also be created or enhanced with the Pencil.


Le Gel Fixing Eye Brow Gel

This fixing gel comes as a mascara. Its high precision conical mini brush is perfectly designed for this application area. Transparent, undetectable, it brings a maximal and comfortable stability without leaving any traces. The eyebrow is consecrated, as sealed
in time and space.

How to use :

  • Sealing the prior gestures by applying gel will give the perfect final touch to get a stable result.
    I apply gel by brushing the eyebrow from the roots to the top to place each piece of hair
    the way I want the line to be upheld.
  • Eyebrow is then put in order and the whole line is secured.
  • I let the gel dry.
  • A daily use of the gel can in the long term help controlling wild pieces of hair or
    a weak eyebrow line :  no more trick due to cowlick.

Advice : 

If your eyebrow does not need any modification with The Pencil or if some day you do not wish to make up your eyebrow, you can use the gel by itself, only to stabilize the eyebrow line.

Care : 

Do not apply on lashes.


Hygens Body Scrub

This gorgeous organic label from the Marais is moving fast forward! For its pure and natural cosmetic formulas it selects only the best plant extracts. Everything is made in France and Italy in line with a very demanding organic charter : proximity suppliers, recyclable containers, almost always 100% natural ingredients and up to 100% organic, no experimentation on animals.

Benefits of the product : 

  • Delicate elimination of dead skin cells.
  • Leaves the skin silky soft.
  • The verbena essential oil blend reminds of honey and delicious citrus zest and has the following aroma-therapeutical properties – CALM, HAPPINESS & CONCENTRATION
  • Never tested on animals!
  • Recyclable & biodegradable packaging

Composition :

  • HUYGENS body scrubs contain 99% ingredients of natural origin and at
  • least 11,4% ingredients produced from organic farming.
  • The scrubbing particles are crushed apricot kernels!


La Rosee Face Scrub

The Gentle Face Scrubbing ideally prepares all skin types to receive a moisturize treatment. Its formula respects the 3 necessary properties for a perfectly soft skin :


The pores are tightened and removed of all impurities.The texture is a jelly of aloe vera that will soothe the most reactive skin types.

Benefits of the product : 

  • Exfoliates, purifies, smoothes.
    The pores are unclogged and tightened and the impurities are removed, leaving the skin fresh, soft and ready for a moisturize.
  • Tested under dermatological control.
  • Paraben free.

How to use :

  • Lather on wet face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • Use once or twice per week.
    Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and light.

After use :

The skin is gentle and soft.


Le Baume Celeste Multivitamin Mask


For normal skin temporarily tired and dehydrated, for dry and mature skin. This cream mask nourishes and quenches hungry and thirsty skins. 2 ways to use it:

How To Use : 

  • In mask, apply it in thin layer 10 minutes on the face.
  • Then remove the excess with a cotton soaked in lotion.
  • Cream, especially at night, a fabulous comfort for dry or mature skin.

It contains extract of White Water Lily. Flower of water par excellence, the Nénuphar has incontestable moisturizing virtues. Combined with a magical cocktail of vitamins C, B, D, E and trace elements, it transforms your complexion tautness disappear, fatigue disappears, your skin is Overflowing, driven, plumped!

It is formulated without paraben and contains no phthalate.


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