Fine Solutions is the Away-from-Home (AFH) division of Fine Hygienic Paper, the “Fine Hygienic Holding” group FHH responsible for the Middle East’s top selling facial tissue brand, Fine. Building on Fine’s legacy since 1958, the Fine Solution division was created in 2007 as a specialized unit to advance and focus on the AFH category, leveraging solid industry knowledge and intuitive customer service. Today, Fine Solutions is a preferred supplier of AFH products in the MENA region, surpassing global competitors.

Adopting the latest technologies and a customer-centric approach to product development, Fine Solutions supplies the region’s most comprehensive portfolio of premium quality hygiene products that guarantee exceptional performance and optimal cost of use. As a result, Fine Solutions is uniquely capable of accommodating all types of private and public institutions across the corporate, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, service and academic sectors.

Fine Solutions is the first and only manufacturer in the MENA region to use SteriPro, a unique sterilization process created and patented by Fine Hygienic Paper Company. SteriPro uses UV radiation exposure to eliminate bacteria and harmful microorganisms from tissues before packing, giving them unmatched hygiene properties and rendering them suitable for use in even the most critical situations. As an added measure, Fine Solutions only uses 100% virgin pulp to produce its paper products, creating safe and pollutant-free tissues that are gentle on the skin.

Conventional Toilet Roll 

With its embossed sheets and soft texture, Fine Solutions’ toilet paper rolls guarantee high levels of absorbency and optimal comfort for all types of users in different industries and sectors. Apart from being ideal for all plumbing systems as it disintegrates when flushed, the product’s premium quality makes it the perfect addition to any establishment.

C-Fold Sheets

C-Fold Sheets are intended for establishments such as schools, workplaces and public washrooms which seek a convenient and multi-purpose hygienic paper product that delivers quality performance in any room or setting. These economic, large-sized paper towels are soft, absorbent and provide reliable, one-at-a-time pulls.

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