From pitch-black settings, night vision equipped waiters or the thrill of experiencing 5star gourmet cuisine sight unseen, Noire brings you one of the top experiences in Dubai and a culinary adventure unlike anything else in town that has been awarded               Best Experimental Restaurant in the Middle East by the prestigious BBC Good Food Awards.

Great dining should always be an adventure for your taste buds, but what about your other senses? Prepare to walk into Noire and savour every flavour, texture and scent as you explore dish after dish of finest culinary surprises. Book a table with your special someone, guest or group of friends to ‘see’ dining in a new light and have fun like never before.

Priced at AED 325, this exclusive 1 ½ hour Dubai dining experience includes a surprise three course gourmet menu with paired beverages, and a reception [in the light] to discuss the featured menu with the chef and restaurant manager. In order to ensure an exclusive and personalized experience, guests will be led to their table in a private restaurant setting that is cloaked in complete darkness, escorted by servers wearing night vision goggles.


I was greeted with a Welcome Drink and from here my TEST starts as my host already prepared me by giving some hints as to what gonna happen inside the place, and of course I had to guess the Beverage served.


So we are lead to the main restaurant with our hands on my partner shoulders and my partner on the host, like a Train we made ourselves comfortable on our seats, before that we got amazing instruction by the host, as to not to touch the tables without guidance, switched off your mobile phones and of course do your washroom business before entering.

It was like we are on an adventurous mission!!

So as we seated we are given instruction as to where out cutlers are placed, the host guided the right and lest hands movement to search our Spoons, Knives and Fork.

There were two glasses placed on our table, one for Water and the 2nd Beverage.

I will let you know the name of the Dishes and Beverage later in my Blog!!

As I placed my Napkin on to my lap with the help of the guidance from the host, a plate full of delicious smell was placed on our table, and of course it was the Appetizer. I quickly examined the structure of the plate to be rectangle, so now my mission was to move my fork and spoon onto the right direction so that whatever I digging should come to my fork at least. There were so many guess works done by myself and Hubby.

Trust is the biggest thing you have to have while dining here, because whatever the host says you have to blindly follow him and that’s so amazing.

At this point I realized how your other senses work actively when one of your senses stop working. It was very difficult the first few minutes but as I adjusted with the surrounding I felt so relaxed and happy as my Hubby could clearly hear what I was actually saying to him, this does not happen virtually sometimes.

The senses of Smell and Hearing overtook the whole night.

The next was a blow out Palette Cleanser served on a rounded spoon as I could feel the structure with my touch.

As we are getting ready for the Main Course, I was so over powered with the thinking that the people who loose any one of the senses, how difficult it is for them, sitting inside Noire, the darkest place ever I have encountered I realized that a human body can adapt to any situation and environment, everything is on our mind, if your mind tells you,

You can do it!! You surely Can!!

As our Main course arrived, it touched the structure of the plate and it was round this time which helped a lot in keeping hold of the Meat I had.

I was literally asking the host, Have I finished? Did I spill anything? Is my Dress Dirty? O yes I was so very conscious.

As we came to an end to our meal, a delicious Dessert was placed and this time it was a semi triangular plate. I know I was having some ice creams and it was very difficult to get hold of  it with a spoon, but some how I manged to at least have something.

We were served 3 more Beverages in between our meals which will also be discussed later in my Blog.

The host then gave us a hot towel as we all have at some point touch the food to know Where is it placed. As the host thanked us to choose this place for dine in, he also made us realize how important your other senses are when your visual world stops totally.

We were led outside the same way and YES the Chef was waiting for us with his dishes on the table. At that time you realize actually what you are having. We tried to guess most of the dishes but of course you cannot get all Correct. The Chef explained all the dishes and the ingredients used to prepare them.

So now the wait is over, but before proceeding let me tell you that the Menu will changes after every 2 weeks so that the consistency is not maintained which gives the customers a new experience on every dining, here are the dishes we had at Noire :

The Welcome drink was Raspberry Mule

For starters it was, Asparagus Puree, Panseared Tuna with Sesame Seeds, Breaded Mussels, Kumkuat and Litchi Salsa.


Then comes the Litchi and Mango Sorbet as Palette Cleanser


For the Main Course, Beef Rib Eye, Polenta, Smoked Eggplant, Roasted Pistachios, Caramelized Fennel, Beetroot and Crispy Noodles.


The Dessert was, Chocolate Sponge, Coconut Mousse, Pineapple Jelly, Cinnamon Crumble, Caramelized Apple and Fenel Ice Cream.


The other Beverage served was Watermelon Shooter

Here I must say not only was the experience amazing but the food tasted equally good.

Highlights : Full Bar Available,Luxury Dining,Valet Parking Available,Wifi

Featured in Collection : Concept dining

Known For : Culinary surprises served in the dark by night vision equipped servers

Phone number : 04 4371645 Table reservation required

Cuisines : International

Average Cost : AED 650 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Address : Fairmont Dubai, Level 9, Trade Centre Area, Dubai




  • To make a reservation or for more information, please call +971 4 311 8316, email or click here
  • Advance bookings are strongly recommended
  • Any allergies and or dietary restrictions must be mentioned at the time of the booking


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