Indigo Living, an upscale home furnishing retail outlet in the UAE launched its season-inspired Fall/ Winter Collection 2017.  The collection features four distinctive styles that echoes glamour, intricacy, expression and space – Milan, Pasadena, Rosy Posy and Natural Calm.

The theme of curiosity and vitality is reiterated the Fall/Winter 2017 collection that gives a home a bold yet sophisticated appearance. The new collection focuses on variety of designs, patterns and dark colours that dominates this season look.


John McLennan, Founder and Executive Chairman of Indigo Living said,

“We have experimented with a variety of textures, patterns and colours to give a home a distinctive atmosphere that resonates elegance and confidence. There are four styles this season that you can create your home with. This includes the Milan and Pasadena look, which offer a refreshing mix of classic and contemporary aesthetics; an upper East side style with Rosy Posy and a more relaxed, rustic-modern setting with the Natural Calm look.”

John McLennan, Founder and Executive Chairman with Tracy Fitzpatrick CEO of Indigo Living.jpg

The four avantgarde styles are:

MILAN | Loft splendour: Elegant geometrics meet plush, indulgent textiles to create this chic collection. Striking a balance between cool, smooth surfaces and welcoming furnishings, the Milan look is about confidence, craftsmanship and comfort.


PASADENA | Relaxed retro: Whatever the size of your space, keep it fresh, light and breezy all year round with settings that balance timeless vintage details with clutter-free contemporary living.


ROSY POSY | Gilded glory: For those who live to adorn their surroundings with stunning design statements, the Rosy Posy story is a dream come true. Shiny surfaces and fun, floral textures set the stage for classic Upper East Side style in a look that works well in both large family homes and smaller spaces.


.NATURAL CALM | Neutral nest: Sleek silhouettes are brought down to earth by linen textiles, asymmetrical accessories and inviting, cosy details. Neutral, cream and light grey furnishings are paired with dark, bold accessories and eye-catching graphic prints for a creative style statement.


For over 30 years, Indigo Living has been trailblazing in the world of interiors and inspiring each and every one of their customers to Live Beautifully. With presence across Asia and the Middle East, they are a leading lifestyle brand known for their authentic and unique design philosophy.

Sourcing coveted furnishings and accessories from celebrated international designers and creating own-brand furniture defined by comfort and quality, Indigo Living focuses on adapting global design trends for local cultures and style values. Their suite of comprehensive design consultancy services includes home furniture rental and a host of design and styling services for property developers, designers and organisations.

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