The name is inspired by an incident involving one of the founders of the company with the musician Phil Collins in New York when he had a problem with one of the speakers. Although the founder of the company was unable to offer any better alternative to “Phil” at that time, he made these words: “Trust me and I know that feeling perfectly”, and exchanged views. The name of the company is a tribute to the song “Phil Collins – Susdieo” and beyond this story lies our determination to succeed and provide the best
Your soundtrack for training reaches new dimensions in Sudio’s headphones. Thoughtful design in both shape and color, focusing on personal style and unbeatable sound. You will find many nice models in this r range.
Sudio pocket blues are Bluetooth in-ear earphones with Bluetooth 4.1, designed for an active lifestyle. The headphones have smart features like 8 hours of battery life in active mode and microphone for phone calls. Charging cord and a stylish leather case are included.


  • Structure: composite, aluminum
  • Finish: polished metal parts
  • Models: In-Ear, Bluetooth 4.1
  • Weight: 22 g – Structure
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Battery time: 8 hours – active, 10 days-standby
  • Shipping time: 10 minutes – fast, 120 minutes – full

Featured audio :

The speaker sound comes from carefully tuned and loudspeaker. The combination of the driver and the speaker is able to separate the sound in each tool and in each song, allowing the listener to experience the real studio

Technical Features :

  • Type: 10.2 mm dynamic speakers.
  • Sensitivity: 112 dB Audio compression level 1 kHz
  • Resistance: 32 ohm 1 kHz
  • Frequency response: 18 Hz – 23 kHz

Attachments :

  • The earphones come with 4 pairs of extra sleeves
  • Manual and quality guarantee card for the owner
  • Genuine Leather Carrying Case
  • Metal Clip
  • Charging cable
  • The battery


Philosophy of Sound

Vibration : 

Sound is the vibration that propagates through the medium-air. The aim of the speakers is to imitate the original vibrations that were created when recording

The most common sound error when reproducing the sound is that some forget it is the person who is judging whether the sound is of high accuracy, so to understand the art the person must study the audible psychology of sex And its implications.

Audio Engineering : 

As human science advances the reception of sound as a background, one can begin to make informed decisions about how to maximize the user’s experience by minimizing defects and increasing what matters and what the user is really looking for.

They always begin by determining the quality and the high experience of the user they want to achieve and then determine the technical specifications that match that experience.