Handcrafted soap produced with love in small batches using a time-honoured cold process technique, an authentic expression of artistic passion in an exquisite contemporary design.

Fashioned from the finest traditional Middle Eastern ingredients, including camel milk, goat’s milk, yogurt, olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, honey, black seed oil and camel milk, its skin nurturing, and ideal for all skin types

All the soap bars are suitable for the face and body in general and great for shaving due to its abundant creamy lather, glycerine soap are suitable for the hands and body only due to its heavy perfume content

Thesoap formula consists of the following ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, black seed oil, corn oil, natural clays, honey, stearic acid, perfumes from natural origins or essential oils, colors from natural origins and titanium dioxide . The formula would include a type or two of milk/dairy: coconut milk (vegan option), camel milk, yogurt and/ goats milk.

Pistachio Spice Cake Whipped Soap Scrub

AED35.00 – AED90.00

Whipped cream soap with sugar for exfoliating and glycerin for conditioning, the time saving option, the 2 in 1: soap and scrub.


Fragranced with Pistachio spiced cake

Key ingredients :

Honey, olive oil, coconut milk, Vitamin E and glycerin.

How to Use :

Scoop a spoonful, lather and then scrub it.

For the body only, for all skin types.


Refined Shea Butter With Coconut Oil- Fragranced With Milk

AED35.00 – AED120.00

Luxury refined shea butter whipped with coconut oil.

Softer in texture due to the content of coconut oil, easier to apply than the pure Shea butter.

The shea butter is refined using natural methods without compromise on the quality, softer and easier to use than the unrefined types & odorless.

Uses :

Shea butter is the strongest natural moisturizer available in nature, excellent as a heeling treatment for extra dry skin/ psoriasis/eczema. Suitable to be used all over the skin (face & body) & hair.

Does not contain preservatives, the perfumes used are from natural origins.



Bespoke orders are an available option with a minimum of a kilo, perfume, shape, colors and design can be tailor made according to the customer’s request, but the order will take a minimum of 5 weeks, as soap needs to cure for a month once its made.

Order  Process :
  • Customers can only order from Website or via Whatsapp on the Number 055 9056636.
  • Shipping fee within UAE is AED20.00, currently they don’t offer free delivery charge to UAE.

202, Gardenia Rd. proudly is an Emirati brand, and each bar of soap is made by an Emirati national.

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