Discover your new make-up accessory for a perfect finish and a perfect complexion without loss of material.

Sponge Silicone Complexion, Zero Loss Of Matter

This blender makes it possible to have a homogeneous and uniform finish for all your liquid or creamy products thanks to its revolutionary silicone texture.

It’s smooth, non-porous texture does not absorb any material and guarantees you use up to half as much makeup daily!

In addition, it’s silicone texture allows for easy and quick cleaning.

Texture  :

  • Silicone texture à homogeneous and uniform application
  • Smooth surface à no absorbed material
  • Very easy to use, easy to use
  • Instant washing and drying

Pack :

Transparent case a sponge protection and immediate product view

Shade  :

Translucent rose

About Arcancil Paris

The creation of Arcancil Paris goes back to 1935, in a premises of a few square meters, “rue des Petites Ecuries” in Paris, thanks to the creative genius of a chemist and a colorist, the Havlick brothers. They will encounter an immediate success from their first creations, in particular with mascaras and eyeliners.

As a makeup specialist, and especially for the eyes, Arcancil Paris is going to live a very strong evolution by constantly offering to consumers over the years products of an irreproachable quality as well as a large range of colors. Forerunner of trends, it is the first brand to launch makeup animations in department stores or to develop seasonal spangled color collections for the holidays.

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