Mistress of matte and reigning queen of the beautysphere, Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks have become the stuff of legend and now, she’s back with wait for it gloss ! In 12 to die for strobing metallic shades, each of these multi-functioning lip lacquers is packed with a unique combination of iridescent shimmer, glistening glitter and duo chrome pigments to grant your lips (or even eyelids!) a gleam hitherto unattainable.

Product Specification : 

Ultimate add-on to your lip game, the HUDA BEAUTY Lip Strobe proposes a versatile combination of effects and applications. Offering a prismatic spectrum of sheer and full coverage colors, each one of them boasts its own pigment and pearl complex. Some are beautifully iridescent, infused with pearls, and others are packed with rich pigments or have subtle, glimmering glitters.Incorporated into an adherent yet flexible dewy base, it gives lips a sculpted and volumized gleam visible from every angle.

The non-sticky and cushion-like texture make wear more comfortable than ever while the precision, heart-shaped flock glides on generously for an even coat in one gesture.Layer with your favorite Liquid Matte to create an infinite array of dazzling shades or let them shine alone and admire an intense color payoff. For the matte lip lovers, wear it Huda’s signature way and blot off the excess for a glistening shimmer without the gloss.
The Formula :
The collection has both sheer and full coverage options, and each one is packed with a unique combination of iridescent shimmers, stunning glistening glitters, and duo chrome pigments that look insane when they’re applied.
How To Use :
  • Wear alone or on top of your favorite lip color to grant otherworldly gleam.
  • Can also be used on eyes for a strobing metallic look.
The Shades :
Foxy  – A full coverage wild copper
Sausy – A full coverage muted red ochre with rich gold and pink pearls
Boujee –  A full coverage coral base with thin rose gold shimmers
Shameless –  A chameleon sheer base encapsulating gold and pink pearls
Angelic – A light peach rose with gold reflections
Ritzy –  A semi-sheer champagne with gold and pink shimmers
Posh – A semi-sheer white gold
Enchanting – A semi-sheer prismatic white with pink reflections
Snobby – A semi-sheer light pink base with pink and gold pearls
Mystical – A semi-sheer lilac base with blue pearls
Fearless – A full coverage daring purple with copper gold reflections
Moody –  A full coverage violet with multi-chromatic fine shimmers
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