Laden with numerous benefits, the all new Quartz aroma diffuser is a power packed fragrance solution for your home.

A recent survey indicates 60% of the UAE residents suffer from stress. Keeping calm during overwhelming hectic and frustrating situations can be quiet a challenge.Studies show that scents have the power to reduce anxiety when surrounded by the essence of an enticing aroma. Considering these factors, Lifestyle launches the all new Quartz aroma diffuser from the globally popular brand Made by Zen thereby offering a solution to fragrance your home while incorporating health benefits.

Made by Zen, a British brand exclusively marketed and distributed regionally by Lifestyle, boasts of some cool features including a mini humidifier with a continuous and intermittent mist setting as well as a color changing and mood lighting capability. The Quartz Aroma Diffuser offers mood lighting to stimulate the spectrum of colors as can be viewed through quartz crystals.

Perfect pick for the summer season, Quartz features soothing, cool ans scented mist and can also be used as a night light. In addition, Quartz helps in neutralizing negative energy and balancing the body spiritually and mentally.

The mist and the light setting of this newly launched diffuser can be used independently. It also includes an auto shut off feature when the water reaches a certain level when used with the mist setting, making it ideal to use as a sleeping aid that can keep you fresh and healthy.

Perfect for the hot and dusty weather in the region, the Quartz diffuser not only ensures to keep homes stay cooler but also manages to significantly improve the air quality (moisture) within UAE homes and offices through its remarkable features.

Priced at AED 189 only, the new Quartz diffuser from Made by Zen is now exclusively available across all Lifestyle stores.

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