Rose body scrub

It is a deeply moisturizing blend of raw organic sugar, rose petals and organic virgin coconut oil. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated with a lingering mild scent of rose and coconut.

Directions :

Use a small handful, massage it into damp skin and rinse with water.

Key ingredients :

🎀 Virgin coconut oil :

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids, proteins and Lauric Acid that deeply moisturize and softens the skin.

🎀 Grape seed oil :

Grape seed oil pack a high number of antioxidants that protects the skin. The oil also contains linoleic acid which helps repair the skin.

🎀 Apricot kernel oil :

Apricot kernel oil contains omega 6 which helps maintain the skins moisture balance. Vitamin A and E soothe the skin and slow signs of aging.

🎀 Rose petals :

Rose petals contains vitamin C witch boosts collagen production and strengthens the skin.

🎀 Rose absolute essential oil :

Rose absolute essential oil soothes and balances the skin.

About Skincare by Mai

Skincare by Mai is based on pure natural botanical oils that are carefully selected from all over the world. We believe that bath and skincare rituals should be something to look forward to every day. Our skincare is made with pure essential oils that stimulate the senses and offer effective results

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