Strobe N Glow Kit

Strobe N Glow Kit is an exclusive, must have quattro for strobe, glow, define and to enhance the best features. All four shades have a light, creamy, soft texture easy to mix and match. The fine soft powders have a rich color pay off and blend effortlessly.

  • 4 in 1 Highlight and Brush
  • Excellent Color Pay Off
  • Creamy Soft Texture
  • Blend Seamlessly
  • Compliments All Skin Tones
  • 2 Shades :001 Highlight and 002 Blush
  • Perfume and Paraben Free

There is nothing we love more than a beauty product, which can pull double duty. Highlighter is one of those wonderful gems, which is there for us when we need to enhance the best features. Working to give glow and make the look more awake, highlighter is a wonderful way to infuse a little bit of life. To get the most out of the highlighter, start using it to the best of its abilities with the “How to use” techniques.
STROBE`N GLOW KIT is an exclusive, must-have quattro.

Includes a white/golden highlighter and tree golden bronzer to strobe and define.


Product Uses : 

  • The STROBE´N GLOW KITs are perfect for highlight, strobe, glow and define face, cheeks and cheekbones. The blush kit to make cheeks pop and the highlight kit to strobe and define.
  • Highlighter : is great to add glow and make the skin seem more awake. It is also a wonderful way to infuse light to the look
  • Under the brow bone: Apply highlighter just under the brow bone, but above the crease of the eyelid to give the illusion of bigger eyes
  • Apple of the cheek : If a glow is desired as opposed to a slightly more contoured look, apply a small amount of highlighter at the center of the apple of the cheek
  • Bridge of the nose : It works especially well to contour the nose area. Apply highlighter along the bridge of the nose and a corrector stick a shade darker than the natural skin tone, on the sides of the nose to make it appear slimmer
  • To make the nose appear wider : Apply highlighter on the sides of the nose to make it appear wider
  • Inner corner of the eye : Add just a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye to brighten up any dark areas
  • Diagonal along the cheekbone : For definition of the cheekbones, apply highlighter in a diagonal line from just beneath the center of the eye socket up towards the hairline and blend
  • Cupid’s bow : Give lipstick a really clean look by applying highlighter on the cupid’s bow
  • Center of eyelid: A  touch of highlighter at the center of the eyelid, will make eyes look bigger and more awakeTips & Advice


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