PAVANITO formulated by Pavan Rajhpal recipes that use natural butters, oils, essential oils & plant derived extracts to create a line that smells as well as feels right on hair & skin. Products that are made in small batches where the entire procedure from making to bottling & labeling is done by hand.

Launched in 2014 at a local farmers market with just 5 products, the brand now has a portfolio of over 30 products. Sold exclusively at regular weekend exhibitions & organic markets in U.A.E & Singapore. There are also permanent kiosks placed within Yoga centers & Salons in Dubai & Mumbai.

This is thoughtful grooming, this is PAVANITO.

Skin care

Weather its your bi-weekly face scrub moment or daily skin care routine, this range has a complete line of products to fulfill all your needs. A lot more on its way, all products are hand made without the harsh effects of the usual chemicals or additives.

Suitable to most skin types, this range has something for everyone.

Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Formulated for Oily/Acne prone skin. With Tea Tree essential Oil & Carrier Oils, this foaming face wash helps clear out Acne/Breakout causing bacteria. Deep cleanse skin free of dirt, grime and residual makeup without over drying.

Best when followed up with a PAVANITO toner & moisturizer or a face serum.

How To Use :

  • Shake well before use.
  • Pump out foam as desired, massage all over face to neck, rinse with warm & then cold water.


Deep Cleansing Oil

Contains a perfect blend that melts away makeup, dirt & impurities, leaving your skin cleansed & nourished.

How To Use :

  • Apply on dry or wet face, massage well & rinse off with water.
  • Repeat only if necessary.
  • Follow up Pavanito toner & moisturizer or serum.


Radiance Boosting Aloe Vera Gel Face & Neck

Let out your natural radiance from within!

Aloe Vera & Saffron, natures two most powerful remedies to heat and tone the skin. The all natural Aloe Vera Gel is a great moisturizer and radiance booster.

How to Use :

  • Use on cleansed skin.
  • Apply and rub in until the product is absorbed.


Anti Cellulite Oil

A potent oil that works best when used with the Cellulite Scrub. Blend of essential oils & cold pressed carrier oils ensure the skin underneath is nourished and is assisted with lymphatic drainage. Effective reduction of cellulite does not only come with massaging an oil or a scrub, daily exercise is also recommended to get rid of all those extra layers of skin.

How To Use :

Massage all over the area of concern and allow a few minutes for absorption, twice daily initially and once a day after the cellulite appears to have dissolved or reduced.

Essential Oils :

Grapefruit, Juniper Berry, Fennel Seed.


Day & Night Moisturizer

Over hundreds of face moisturizer options & a confused mind on which one is good to use, Does that sound like you? One of the worst experiences is to spread something over your skin that leaves a greasy feel & that is the Last thing PAVANITO would want himself in his product.

The all natural face moisturizer is power packed with Witch Hazel, carefully selected carrier & essential oils. Essential oil for day? Yes – you heard that right. They have only used Lavender & Frankincense in a selected ratio which is good for day as well as right usage.

How to Use :

Appky on cleansed & toned face and massage in upward strokes until fully absorbed.

10 mins before, if you’re going to followup with makeup.


Anti Ageing Face Serum

Essential Oils :

Lavender, Geranium, Frankincense, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang

May contain a trace of Sandalwood Essential Oils.

How to Use :

  • Apply daily on cleansed & toned face & neck.
  • Only in the night 20 mins before bed time.


Hair & Scalp Toner Spray

A 3 in 1 product designed to rehydrate & refresh dull hair of any odor & grease. Spray on to your scalp to cool it down. Added essential oils of Rosemary & Tea Tree are known to promote hair growth & kill any fungus causing bacteria on the scalp.

May be used alongside a regular hair spray/hair wax for styling.

Does not interfere with Color, Keratin or Cysteine treated hair.

How to Use :

Spray on to towel dried or dry hair as well as scalp, massage well & followup with a cold blow day preferably or let your hair air dry.


Body Care

A good looking face better carried on a well looked after body!

Choose from a wide selection of whipped body butters to Sea Salt & Organic brown sugar body scrubs. Indulgence into aromatherapy as most of our products are made using certified organic essential oils sourced from U.S.A

The formulas are light, non sticky, & suitable for all skin types. If you’ve got one of those strange skin types, ask us for customization.

Sea Salt Body Scrub

Refresh, revitalize & detox your skin deep. With natural goodness of Sea Salt combined with Pink Himalayan Salt & Epsom salt, this intense exfoliating formula will aid in re-balancing hydration levels of skin detoxifying it of all unwanted residue. Results are seen & felt instantly.

Key active Ingredients:

Unrefined natural sea salt, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Shea butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Virgin coconut oil, Olive oil, Almond oil, Grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Blended essential oils.

* May contain trace of Avocado oil &/or Cocoa butter.

Works best on oily skin.

How To Use :

  • Use in shower all over your body & scrub sensibly.
  • Rinse off with water & pat dry.
  • Follow up with a PAVANITO hand & body lotion or body butter.


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