Karaja photo finish long lasting oil-free Matt effect foundation brightens the face without shine. The fluid foundation gives great coverage without the heaviness. Designed for all skin types, especially suited for mixed/oily skins. Special coated pigments and ultra light powder microspheres capture and diffuse extraordinary radiance, enhancing the splendour and freshness of your complexion.

Wrinkles, pores and blemishes are concealed and reduced far a natural, radiant look and a delicate perfect final matt effect. Stands up well to all conditions, from morning to night, whatever the occasion or weather. A true ally for your beauty. Ultra elastic formula for easy and silky smooth application. Embraces the skin without stiffening lines and produces a reassuring sense of comfort all day long.

Available in 40 beige colour.


For best results apply with a flat foundation brush.

Features : 

  • Foundation with a light, silky texture
  • Guaranteed impeccable, natural matt lifting effect
  • Great coverage without heaviness
  • Designed for all skin types
  • Especially suited for mixed/oily skins


It consists of a very large collection of make-up with an avant-garde professional look, aimed at women of all ages who like to play with color and with their own personality.
But they also look at the health of their skin, so they seek the products of absolute quality and guaranteed performance.
Made with effective and safe formulas, Karaja offers a winning product because it features the class, the profession, the charm of creativity that recognizes the whole world in Made in Italy.

You will find products that are technologically advanced and at the right price with Karaja.  And behind these products there is the guarantee of a serious, reliable company that uses the best selected ingredients.  The excellent quality and continuous innovation represent our mission.

Quality, reliable results and a complete range of products and colors make Karaja a makeup brand that can distinguish itself from the markets worldwide.
All Karaja products are free of hypoallergenic and animal testing.

The original ingredients originate from the amazon forest where the ‘Karaja’ Indians were known for their beautiful & fragile body paints.
Karaja is aware that she has a lot of color pigment in her products.
Karaja comes at least 2 times a year with a neiwue trendy seasonal line for both spring and winter.

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