Accent your charming look with this stunning waterproof eyeliner. It features a high-quality brush and wiper system at the mouth of the bottle. The smooth effortless strokes it delivers are distinct and clump-free. With its long-lasting even finish, it is reliable at all times.

Features :

  • Waterproof
  • Emphasise your eyes in a striking way.
  • Ensures long wear of your make-up.
  • Does not smudge too quickly with raindrops or a tear.
  • Precise application effortlessly possible with the sophisticated brush.
  • A vibrant color luminosity makes this eyeliner a real must-have.
  • Perfect coverage for an intensified expression and thicker-looking eyelashes with just one brushstroke.
  • The fine high-quality brush glides easily along the eye contour and enables a very simple and precise application. the wiper system on the bottle opening ensures just the right amount of eyeliner for an intensive and even color dispense.
  • Long lasting and water resistance make this eyeliner a reliable partner in every situation – whether at the beach, in the gym or at the club.
  • Easily to remove with an oily makeup remover.

Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Suitable for sensitive eyes.


About the Product :

  • Vibrant luminosity and magical color worlds make this eyeliner a must-have.
  • With just one brush stroke you get a perfect covering power for an intensified look as well as a full and dense eyelash wreath.
  • The high-quality, fine brush glides effortlessly along the eye contour and allows a simple and precise order.
  • The wiping system accurately measures the correct amount of texture for an intensive and uniform color output.
  • Long durability and water resistance make this liner a reliable partner in any living situation whether on the beach, during sport or clubbing in the evening.
  • Use a mild makeup remover to remove easily.
  • Colour Effect Eyeliner Waterproof – Information

If you want to place special color accents when applying the eyeliner, to emphasize your eyes in a striking way, the Co lour Effect Waterproof Eyeliner by Misslyn is the right choice. Offered in three colors, you can emphasize your eyes in an exciting way with this Eyeliner and made it into a color highlight. Precise application is made effortlessly possible with the sophisticated brush in order to quickly put your make-up into the limelight.

All round perfect make-up with Misslyn

The big advantage of the Colour Effect Waterproof Eyeliner is that it is waterproof which ensures long wear of your make-up and does not smudge too quickly with raindrops or a tear. The quality brand Misslyn has other cosmetics articles in addition to the Colour Effect Waterproof Eyeliner with which you can make up your face perfectly. Discover the variety of the brand with us and don’t just make your eyes into an eye-catcher!

Color effect waterproof eyeliner brand Misslyn.

Brush-waterproof eyeliner. Special texture and shape of the brush facilitates precise application and provide a dash on the eyelid. With millions of fine particles provides amazing eyeliner and shiny effect. The product is available in three colors.


Misslyn cosmetics are synonymous with vibrancy and individuality, taking inspiration from fashion and cosmetic trends for their bold range of color cosmetics. Never taking a boring approach, Misslyn stands at the forefront of innovative formulas and techniques to bring you the best in long-lasting and fun cosmetics. Armed with knowledge from over 30 years’ experience in the industry, their XXL Volume Mascara delivers incredible depth whilst nourishing and smoothing lashes in one sweep.

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