Water designed to meet the levels of gourmet cuisine

Enjoy the refreshing and balanced taste of our water from the pristine depths of the Swiss mountains. From nature to your table. The precious and perfectly balanced minerals make Aqua Premium arguably the best water available, and support your daily well being.
Aqua Premium flows from the artesian spring, St. Erhard in central Switzerland, which contains exceptionally well-balanced minerals and trace elements. The mountains and rivers in the region are also well-known for their gold content. It is estimated that this water has been traveling from the mountain to the source for at least 300 years and has taken on the characteristics and valuable contents. The source of St Erhard is family-owned since more then 100 years and today Aqua Switzerland Ltd. is an independent small company founded by Niklaus Theiler and Martin Sullivan.
The water for the first Aqua Premium bottle has been on it’s way to the artesian source in the heart of Switzerland since the early 1800s when it fell as rain and snow. This has been long before the idea of creating a unique glass bottle, to visualize the value of the precious mineral water started taking shape.

Pure white sand is the base for the clear glass produced in France, organic colors and 22 Karat of Gold are used for the decoration of the bottle. The filling process includes all the high standards of today’s technology and the mineral water is bottled at the source.

Aqua Premium was developed for 4 years and is the jewel of the product range in a premium glass presentation of highest quality for the epicurean table.


Awards :

2014 the coveted AWARD by ESMA, Dubai UAE


  • Aqua Premium Still 0.75 l
  • Aqua Premium Still 0.35 l
    Still Mineral water for a natural experience, balanced minerals and trace elements for a unique soft and refreshing treat.
  • Aqua Premium Sparkling 0.75 l
  • Aqua Premium Sparkling 0.35 l
    Mineral water with a little sparkle for a tender, tingly treat.
Normally most of the caps are steel or plastic, which isn’t really healthy. Their caps are aluminium which avoids the risk of any rust or the harmful sides of plastic, and the caps are imported from Finland. The caps made in Finland are known for their finest quality



Has unusual moisturizing properties for radiantly fresh, supple skin every day. Aqua Premium provides soothing relief from irritation for you and your family.

Spray the fine water mist on your face and skin several times daily from about 30 cm away. After a few minutes, gently dab skin dry as desired.This pure mineral water from Swiss Artesian wells has valuable balanced minerals and trace elements, supporting your skin with intensive moisture.

The fine spray mist is refreshing :

  • In heat
  • In dry and humid air
  • During and after exercise
  • During travel
  • After removing makeup
  • After dermatological treatments
  • After shaving
  • For redness and itching
  • Protects and nourishes dry skin regions
  • For baby and child care
  • To relieve stress and nervousness

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Aqua Premium is a water which is bottled exclusively in one location, namely at the source in the heart of Switzerland. No tank transportation is used. Re-filling of the bottles would require double the transportation and cleaning processes, which would adversely affect our environment.

The glass may be fully re-used as a raw material, thanks to its purity.

From production through to distribution, they pay close attention any possible reduction in the carbon footprint. The use of natural energy sources in the glass manufacture and decoration as per ISO 14001 are a must, as is recyclable packaging and careful transportation routes which are as short as possible.



Aqua Premium flows from an artesian source in the heart of Switzerland which has an exeptional balance of minerals and trace elements.

Aside from their valuable minerals, the mountains and rivers of this region are also known for their gold, which is found as trace minerals in our mineral water. It is estimated that the water travels from the mountain to the spring up to 300 years, which gives its character and valuable content.

They have created a design that reflects the high quality of the water and the same time complements and affirms that laid table, that long-awaited event or the ambiance. Probably for the first time, a bottle of mineral water is presented on the same level as your lovingly arranged place settings.

Since 2014 available in the UAE

Aqua Premium received thanks to its quality and its unique design 2014 the coveted AWARD by ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology).

Aqua Switzerland is based in Dubai since 2012 and has developed all needs to support you in the best possible way. We also distribute our products together with experienced local partner.

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