A wellness spa and message center located in Dubai, offering acupuncture, traditional and hot stone massage, cupping therapy, body scrubs, organic facials and salon facilities, and many more fantastic services.
Located inside the beautiful property of JBR, this Salon has the best hair treatments specially the keratin and Botox.
The place is cosy, comfortable and so elegantly designed, my host Katherine and Daisy did an awesome work with my hair, it took only 1.5 hours do make me beautiful and gorgeous.
I did the BTX i.e Botox Hair Treatment, which contains a protein rich formula which fixes the imperfection in each individual strand of hair with active ingredients. The mixture of proteins, Caviar Oil, Collagen, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Natural Acids and healing agents guarantees to Moisturize, Nourish and Restore hair from inside out.
Hair becomes Soft, Anti Frizz, Shiny, Smooth, Saves Time and makes hair 100% manageable.
Before the BTX Treatment
Before the Treatment
Here comes the step by step process, and at first they wash my Hair with Shampoo & Conditioner by Daisy.
Hair Wash
After the Hair Wash it was Hair Dried by Katherine with the Dryer.
Hair Dryer
I was applied the BTX Hair Treatment Cream, it was infused with Collagen & Protein. Each and every layer of hair was done with the cream, even the small frizzy ones too.
Hair Treatment Cream
The BTX Hair Treatment Cream
Now you can relax for 5 mins so that the cream get infused properly on each and every hair.
Again after the cream application my hair was dried with the dryer for more volume and to say Bye Bye to Frizz.
The last part was to use the straightener so that whatever frizz was left it could be done perfectly with it.
My hair was all very soft, shiny and straight the way I wanted.You have to wait for atleast 48 hours to wash so that your straight remains for another 2 months.
It is priced at AED 250 and takes only 1.5 hours.
Overall it was an amazing experience my hair is beautiful and gorgeous again.I highly recommend this place for other Hair Treatments, Facials, Nails etc.
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