Bourjois Liner Feutre (Felt-Tip Eyeliner) is a soft, felt tip eyeliner that has a long-lasting formula and fluid texture. Is an ultra-precise felt-tip eyeliner, perfect for creating an expert liner flick that lasts up to 24 hours.

Available in Black and Ultra Black.

About the product
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Easy to use

The felt tip pen makes most styles of liner easily achievable and glides smoothly without any uncomfortable friction. The black had good color pay off and I didn’t have to go over it. It lasted me the whole day without causing any irritation and then removed easily at the end of the day which is important to me as I can’t scrub at my eyes. Overall I would buy this again as a daily liner mostly because it’s so quick and fool proof to apply.



Product Uses : 

Apply the liner along the upper lash line and extend into a flick.

Bourjois Paris

For over 150 years, offers Bourjois women irresistible, playful Parisienne beauty looks.Jarenlang distinguished French brand by their colorful and classic positioning, iconic round and blushes intensely pigmented lipsticks Rouge Velvet Edition. Today Bourjois one of the leading makeup brands worldwide. Bourjois stands for high quality, luxury products at an affordable price. The makeup of Bourjous offers an irresistible, gay and non-Chalante vibe, just like the Parisian beauties where the brand is inspired by. Anyone can be a quirky, playful Parisian beauty look with Bourjois create. Through quality makeup products, is the ultimate goal of Bourjois to make life a touch more cheerful, fun and playful. Because life should mainly consist of fun, especially when it comes to beauty!

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