Being a luxurious chocolatier is a world in its own, making in outstanding is Cocolis’ commitment. Using only the finest ingredients imported from Belgium, Cocolis’ Chefs thrive to innovate gourmet chocolate to better serve its privileged consumers.

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The Philosophy
Luxury Chocolate Retailer & Interactive Market
Cocolis is all about sharing moments of reciprocity and self-indulgence. It is about sharing mutual emotions through luxurious chocolate. Whether there is an occasion or not, Cocolis is always the perfect way to spread happiness amongst each other and make the mutual sharing experience priceless.
They Believe in : 
The United Arab Emirates being an extremely multi-cultural country involves making sure there is always chocolate creations to please everyone’s taste. Moreover, they make sure there are always designs especially made for each culture’s celebrations and festivities.
Cocolis is committed to sharing a unique experience with its privileged partners through an exquisite moment of exchange and self-indulgence. Offering premium Belgium chocolates with a luxurious touch of the traditional Emirati culture, Cocolis goes beyond the expectations you set.
Cocolis’ chocolate experts team is multicultural, reflecting the United Arab Emirates’ demographics. The talented chefs use their rich and various backgrounds and combine them to come up with exclusive recipes. They use chocolate imported from Belgium and add their personalized touch to it to make it inimitable. The plain dark or milk chocolates are rigorously shaped according to the chefs’ vision. For the filled chocolates, the fresh nuts are caramelized and meticulously merged with the Belgian chocolate. The result is simply sophisticated and mouthwatering chocolate.
Attention to detail & aesthetics
What first grabs attention is how the chocolate is crafted. The chefs carefully study the art of design and take it to the highest level. Each emotion and feeling has to be conveyed through our deluxe chocolates. Each shape, color and taste has a unique meaning that hold a special sensation. Savoring chocolate is hence a new enjoyable experience for every chocolate tasted. The way the chocolates are displayed is key to temptation. Cocolis analyzes the trends and creates futurist basket and plates. Eye-catching and fashionable design combined with luxurious Belgian chocolate is just the perfect harmony.
PRODUCTS With Pride & Pleasure

They have benchmarked our brand on an international level and have identied the top chocolate retailers in the region. The concept is a combination of the key elements of these brands laced together with our uniqueness.

The Collection :

  • Ramadan Collection
  • Wedding Collection
  • Christmas & New Year Collection
  • Babies Collection

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