At Sakura Medical and Dental Clinic, treatments are offered to improve the functionality and appearance of teeth while ensuring that the process is minimally invasive and as comfortable as can be for the patients They are honored to provide the finest dental treatments in Dubai. Their world class doctors and facilities are our distinguishable features that we are proud to provide to our patients across the UAE.

For medical and dental clinic Dubai

They will make sure to deliver health services in holistic, lifestyle-centric approach to patient’s wellness. With this in mind, they offer a range of services to meet the most pressing needs of people in the UAE like Medical Consolation, Health Check-up and Pediatric and Adult Vaccination. It aim to make healthcare more convenient, efficient and affordable for people from all walks of life, and ensure optimum care for everyone within our communities.



I went with the Whitening Treatment which comes under Dental.

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedures because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. Most dentists perform tooth whitening. Whitening is not a one-time procedure. It will need to be repeated from time to time if you want to maintain the brighter color.

My Doctor was Dr. Razan Qabani, D.D.S
Special Interests: General Dentistry
Languages: English, Arabic

Dr.Razan Qabani is a licensed general dentist in Dubai Health Care City. She finished her bachelor of Dental Surgery from UAE. She obtained her training in Dubai for 5years. She specializes on modern approach to making veneers, lumeneers and teeth whitening. She gives importance to comfort and safety in her practice of general dentistry. Her vision to offer caring and comprehensive dental care.

She is committed in providing you and your family with excellent dental health care in professional and friendly manner.


The other services are :

Dental Treatment

  • General Dentistry
  • Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontic

Medical List

  • Medical consultation
  • Comprehensive Health Check-up
  • Vaccination

Comprehensive medical consultations and general practice (internal medicine)

  • Comprehensive Medical Consultations
  • General Medical Care (Internal Medicine)

Health diagnosis and various screening

  • Regular Health Check-up
  • Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening

Vaccination Services

  • Vaccination before heading to a business trip.

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