Renowned fashion and jewellery designers from Pakistan and India participate for the Ramadan Trunk Show

Boulevard One, UAE’s distinctive event organiser, will be organising the 2017 edition of the Ramadan Trunk Show for the third consecutive year. This year seasonal collections from top fashion and jewellery designers of Pakistan and India will be presented at the Royal Ballroom of The Palace Hotel, Downtown Dubai. The exhibition is set to take on the 19th and 20th May 2017.

The trunk show is open to all visiting, in search of the latest and upcoming styles and trends for Ramadan soirees and Eid. Boulevard One aims to provide the ultimate two-day shopping experience to its clientele with an exquisite collection of kaftans, cholis, handmade jewellery, bejewelled sandals and accessories to name a few.


An array of top designers have been selected to showcase their best including Mina Hasan, Ali Xeeshan, Ayesha Farook (AFH), Farah Talib Aziz, Wardha Saleem, Zara Shahjahan,  Jaipur & Co, Saira Rizwan, Agha Noor, Suffuse, Ayesha Khurram, Ayesha Somaya,  Saira Shakira, Opuline, Chapter 13, Nadiya Kassam, Farida Hasan, Jade Accessories, and  Fatima Ashar amongst many more emerging and established names.

“True luxury is in the detail – an integral aspect that encapsulates the Boulevard One ethos. We as a team, curate every event with precision to match our principle thus ensuring smooth running and successful exhibitions each time. The Ramadan Trunk Show brings an assortment of labels, exclusively handpicked, to compliment the seasonal trends and events such as Ramadan and Eid which are just around the corner. We understand how the Ramadan couture differs from other seasons, hence a great deal of thought goes into compiling, planning and delivering distinctive collections to match the city’s consumers,”  commented Sadaf M. Khan Founder, Boulevard One.

With the primary objective of presenting collections not readily available in the UAE, Boulevard One aspires to enhance the city’s shopping experience by personalising the interaction between designers and visitors in the process of creating a unique event. Visit the much-anticipated Ramadan Trunk Show, at the luxurious venue, matched by this year’s selection of designers which put together ensure a successful exhibit.

Event Information

Name: Ramadan Trunk Show
When: 19th – 20th May 2017
Where:  The Royal Ballroom, The Palace Hotel Downtown, Dubai
Timings: 19th May 2017 – Friday (2PM – 10PM)
20th May 2017 – Saturday (10AM – 7PM)


Ayesha Somaya; Mina Hasan; Ali Xeeshan; Ayesha Farook (AFH); Farah Talib Aziz; Wardha Saleem; Ayesha Khurram; Zara Shahjahan; Jaipur & Co; Saira Rizwan; Agha Noor; Suffuse; Opuline; Chapter 13; Nadiya Kassam; Farida Hasan; Jade Accessories; Fatima Ashar; Saira Shakira.



Established in 2012 by Sadaf M. Khan and Niti Modi, Boulevard One has become an inspirational production house specialized in creating niche events. Launched with the aim to bring exciting concepts to life from different countries, with a focus on Asian talent, B1 has gradually expanded from doing annual events to seasonal ones.

Paired with creative flair, strong management skills and business acumen, Sadaf M.Khan brings a wealth of experience to Boulevard One propelling the company to exceed standard expectations. Inspired by the need to design exceptional experience, Sadaf converted her passion luxurious events to a business model and is one half of the force behind the company’s continuous success.

Following Niti’s departure from the brand, Sadaf has taken sole control while ensuring the vision and ideology the two shared for Boulevard One prevails.

Whether it’s a private collection viewing, a high- profile charity gala, fashion and lifestyle exhibitions or mega musical events, B1 strives to showcase innovative and creative designs in the Gulf region by transforming ordinary ideas into extraordinary experiences for their clientele.