Do you suffer from ”Coffee Stain”

If the answer is Yes! Himalaya’s new Stain Away Toothpaste is set to gey you grinning.

According to statistics provided by the international Tea and Coffee Festival, more than 19000 kg of tea is consumed across the UAE each day. On the other hand, the country ha issued more than 2200 cafe licences over the past two years, indicating an ever present and growing trend in tea-coffee drinking.

Tea and Coffee drinking are one of the most frequent habits in the Middle East society since it is considered an important component of the culture. Almost everyone consumes tea and coffee on a daily basis sometimes upto 4 times a day! The low pH levels in both these drinks are a major contributor to tooth discoloration and staining.

Himalaya has realised that dental stains can be a reason for embarrassment for consumers and has thus introduced the ‘Stain Away Toothpaste’ that comprises of key whitening Herbal actives specifically for this purpose.

The Himalaya Stain Away Toothpaste consists of Papain and Bromelain; which are increasingly being used in dental treatments especially in the management of external discoloration of teeth. Bromelain also promotes oral health by exerting a strong anti bacterial effect against potent oral pathogens that are responsible for dental plaque, dental caries and periodontal inflammation.

My Review :

Its an amazing product from Himalaya, being a Tea lover and coming from the land of Tea’s, ASSAM I cannot go without for a day. It leaves a stain every time you drink but with this product it has work wonders. A must try out product for everyone, brush your teeth everyday twice for best results.

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