5 Benefits of Dry Shampoo :

You know the main reason people use dry shampoos; to clean their hair without stripping it of it’s natural oils. But take a look at five other benefits of dry shampoos that make it a staple in women’s hair care routine.

1. Convenience: really, who wants to wash their hair everyday, especially when you workout often?
2. Eliminates heat: after you’ve washed your hair, what’s the first thing you do? Blow dry, which is often followed by flat ironing. Excessive heat creates damaged, irreparable ends.
3. Moisture: Dry shampoo removes out the oils in your scalp, not your hair.
4. Volume: So many beauty bloggers keep dry shampoos on hand to create volume before styling. Perfect for women with fine hair.
5. Good-bye Grease: Dry shampoos clean your hair to avoid the greasy look.

What is different of  Hairgenesis dry shampoo with other brands and how was ur result?

1.All hairgenesis range  is botanical & has DHT blockers, prevents hairfall in some degree, it works well with other ranges.(this is special about HG dry shampoo)
2. It is not powder based which leaves residues on the hair.
3. Takes out the grease from the scalp  in no time when you are in a hurry in the mornings
4. Traveling for a long distance? the hair gets messy? No problem,  No need for water,just spray it then shake ur hair out and brush to perfection.(very easy to spray, much better than the powder based,)
What Monrone Can Offer :
  1. An Innovative Brand that addresses all key consumers need states.
  2. Safe and Effective Products – Only Brand that is Universally Drug Screened.
  3. All Products, every batch, at the finished product level.
  4. A quality, science and research LED brand.

My Review :

This had worked wonders for my hair, every morning I wake up and think I have to always think of long hours in the bathroom for my shampooing,, but all thanks to the Hair Genesis Dry Shampoo, now I am tension free and use it to rinse the extra oil in my hair. It absorbs so very well and leaves your hair like an actual Shampoo.

HAIRGENESIS dry shampoo or any HAIRGENESIS range available at any  pharmacy across UAE and as well available online on with free delivery.