For the last two years ColourB4, the original and leading global hair colour remover, has been monitoring the effects of colour on hair. It was only when people started to be able to take colour out of their hair (using ColourB4) that the effects dye had on the hair itself was revealed.

“Many people see the finish effects of a dye and think that is it,” says Mandy Baldwin, colour consultant and Trichologist. “But, the effect of the dye on your actual hair pigments, particularly for those lightening their hair isn’t evident to the naked eye. Ammonia strips the pigment from your hair so even with a hair colour remover the original virgin colour may not return as natural pigments have been stripped by the dye itself.”

There are four natural pigments in the hair. Black and Brown hair is created by melanin pigments and red and blonde hair is created by Pheomelanin pigments. These natural pigments are produced by cells known as melanocytes. The hairs natural colour depends on the ratio of pigment present, and the quantity and mixture.

When coloring the hair to the same or to a darker shade new synthetic pigment molecules are added to the hair’s natural pigment changing its colour.
Whereas in lightening the hair’s natural colour the darker natural pigments need first to be broken down then replaced with the new synthetic pigments.

Colourb4 ,ammonia & bleach free hair colour remover, is used to remove artificial colours on the hair.  Also, it is used to reduce bleaching process and prevent hair damage.

Colour b4 extra for dark,black and build up colours.
Colour b4 frequent for light colours.


1.  Add A to B and mix well.
2. Apply where you need hair colour correction & leave for 60 min.(*Keep it warm)
3. Wash it with hot water for 10 min
4.Apply the half of the  buffer which is Bottle C & wash for at least for 5 min, then apply the rest & wash for 5 min again.
5. Dry your hair and check under the sunlight and if you need another box without  u can use it up to three times.(second time you can go with colourb4 frequent which has argon oil conditioner). If you feel your hair dry a bit after extra, just simply use any anti oxidant conditioner to make it smooth again.
My Review :
It is an amazing product specially when you are bored from your usual colo and you need a change. This product will help you to bring your original color and then you are ready to color it again.
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