Du Rhône master chocolatier Jean-Pascal Serignat created a special edition Ramadan truffle live during a masterclass at Boutique Le Chocolat on 29 March 2017. The truffle infuses dark chocolate, ganache, honey and dates and will be available exclusively at Boutique Le Chocolat in City Walk.


About Boutique Le Chocolat

Boutique Le Chocolat is the first and only multi-brand retail experience based on chocolate – a totally unique and original concept in scale and diversity. Inspired by the Paris Salon du Chocolat and reinvented and elevated to another level, the store celebrates chocolate in all its glory offering an exceptional platform for a truly unique ingredient. It is every chocolate lover’s dream as they get to experience the best form of chocolate craftsmanship at the hands of the world’s renowned chocolate artisans. Moreover, it is a journey that allows chocolate lovers to discover the most confidential chocolatiers in the world and enjoy the most innovative experiences around the cocoa bean and chocolate. Meraas has built relationships with chocolate luminaries such as Salon du Chocolat & Cacao Barry. Fueled by the interaction between chocolate, chocolatiers and chocolate lovers, Boutique Le Chocolat is a brand exclusively dedicated to the delights of chocolate and cocoa.