Mama Tani, ‘Second Mama’ in Arabic, was the name taught by Egyptian nanny for grandmother. This is what they affectionately called her as toddlers and is a name that has grown  has the joy that comes from Mama Tani’s good food. Mama Tani’s recipes were always delicious, always made with the finest ingredients and always served with love. Now Mama Tani Café brings to you a taste of their childhood.

Their Emirati khameer bread is freshly prepared as savory and sweet sandwiches, with a variety of fillings infused with regional herbs and spices. It can be  eaten alone, with simple sides of honey or cream cheese, or stuffed with a variety of ingredients to excite even the fussiest of palates. Delicious, traditional flavors, brought to you in a relaxed contemporary setting. A place where you can enjoy a taste of home.

From the drink I tried the Basil Orange, all fresh and soothing. It really boosted me upa nd I am on my way to start kick of the menu.

Basil Orange

From the salad I tried the Roasted Beetroot, done with slow roasted organic beetroot, white onion, wild Italian rocket leaves, roasted pine nuts and finished with balsamic vinaigrette. It was so perfectly done, the beetroot tasted so divine and the dressing added more to the flavor and taste to the salad.

Roasted Beetroot Salad

From Khameer I tried the Zaatar, is a generic name for a family of related Middle Eastern herbs from the genera oregano, basil thyme,thyme, and savory. The za’atar as used as a culinary alone most properly applies to Origanum syriacum, It is also the name for a condiment made from the dried herb(s), mixed with sesame seeds, dried sumac, and often salt, as well as other spices.

The Khameer tasted so divine, authentic and so very fresh and warm.

Zaatar Khameer

From the baked section I went with the Baked Halloumi, it was done with fresh baked khameer with in house red harissa paste, grilled halloumi, bell peppers and spring onions. It was my favorite from Mama Tani, the hallooumi tasted so delicious and the paste added so much to the character of the dish.

Baked Halloumi

The Baked Tandoori, prepared with fresh Khameer with Tandoori Chicken, chutney sauce, sumac onions, bell peppers, black olives and Mozarella Cheese. This one was like my favorite Pizza but in a much better way as the crust was Khameer, all fresh and delicious.

Baked Tandoori

We went with the Quinoa Briyani, it was plain and simple as my friend opted for the veg one, served with Curd and a Mint Chutney. But I really going back to try the menu one as it really sounded very delicious.

From the Desserts we tried the Pistachio Sponge Cake which was so very appealing to the eye. The green elegant color just took my eyes on it to stare for a long 5 min.


We tried the Arabic Coffee,Al-Qahwa is made from coffee beans roasted very lightly . Traditionally, it is roasted on the premises (at home or for special occasions), ground, brewed and served in front of guests.  It is served from a special coffee pot called dallah and the coffee cups are small with no handle called fenjan. The portions are small, covering just the bottom of the cup.

It is served with Arabic Halwa.


Overall it was an amazing experience amidst the Arabic cuisine, it is  a place to dig in your favorite dishes.

Highlights : Breakfast,Home Delivery,Outdoor Seating,Kid Friendly,Free Parking

Phone number : 04 4432441

Cuisines : Cafe, Middle Eastern, Emirati

Cost : AED 110 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 8 AM to 12 Midnight

Address : Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Residences 2, Opposite Vida Hotel


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