The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery is a captivating universe of kinetic art where Horological Machines and Mechanical Art Devices reign supreme.

The first M.A.D.Gallery opened in 2011 in Geneva on Rue Verdaine, a stone’s throw from MB&F’s offices and atelier in the heart of the city’s old town. A second M.A.D.Gallery opened in Taipei in 2014 and a third one in Dubai in January 2016.

Inside the galleries, not only will you find the complete range of MB&F Horological Machines and Legacy Machines, but you’ll also have the pleasure of discovering carefully-curated pieces – or, as we like to call them, Mechanical Art Devices – from around the world, each one making your heart beat that little bit faster.



At MB&F we turn traditional watchmaking of the highest craftsmanship into futuristic, fiercely unconventional timekeeping machines. These sculptured, three-dimensional cases and beautifully-finished engines are called ‘Machines’.

The MB&F M.A.D.Gallery is pleased to host “Optical Variations”, an exhibit by French artist Damien Bénéteau, featuring six of his illuminated, hypnotizing monochromatic mobiles.

Damien Bénéteau was born in France in L’Haÿ-les-Roses in 1971.

After receiving his degree in photography, Bénéteau joined a press agency, MPA, specializing in portrait photos. During this time he also worked under famed French conceptual artist, Yann Kersalé, compiling photographic reports on subjects such as the Pont de Normandie and “Parabola” in Cahors, France.



Bénéteau prefers to work with aluminium because anodizing the surface of this lightweight metal creates a deep black. When illuminated with LED lights, this deep black shows a full spectrum of all the nuances of grey.

Working from his own atelier, Bénéteau, a connoisseur of machinery, uses milling, polishing and metal turning machines to create his structures, “a critical aspect”, he says, of his creative process.

His hope is that people viewing his work don’t get too caught up in the details and technique, but are rather able to observe the abstract nature of his work and the unique effect that his light sculptures create.

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