Sometimes you need not go to a fine dining to enjoy your food, places like Chips n Dips will change the concept of fine dining when you are with your friends or family. This is a place to be in bulk and when I say bulk you have to bring all your friends over here. So enjoy some of the finest delicacies of dips all house made with mouthwatering chips.

Chips n’ Dips is a new concept kiosk that offers flavors of the world in quick, convenient servings of dips and dippers to snackers of all ages and origins. It’s fun, flavorful food on the go, with no mess and no fuss. From America to Azerbejan and Mexico to Mozambique, we offer international flavors to tantalize the taste buds. With Chips n’ Dips you can savor the flavor. Chips n’ Dips will make your party the perfect subject for gossip for weeks after. Treat your family and friends to a culinary experience they will remember.


I was send a bag full of their dips and to mean the it the whole menu, my house is now a party place where I could invite my neighbors to try some of the finest dips that too at home.

To start with the Indian dips it was Bawarchi Beans done with blend of navy beans and warm smoky spices. I could feel the exact taste of my mom cooking beans at home. The smoky flavor comes due to the charcoal where we use to cook our food.

The Mexican ones were :

  • Holy Moly Guacamole, done with fresh avocado goodness with a hint of spice lime.
  • Sassy Salsa, tomatoes, pepper and a whole lot of sass in your step.
  • One Peso Queso, simply cheesy goodness with a down home feel.
  • Funky Fiesta, a funk you up seven layer Mexican staple.

From the American :

  • Oooh Onion, Down-home creamy onion goodness .
  • Country Cowboy Chowder, A hodgepodge of country garden freshness.

Her comes the Asian :

Soy Good Sweet n Sour, An Asian cream cheese sensation with the surprise of water chestnuts and peanuts.


Here comes the much awaited Middle Eastern :

  • Hala Hommus, Hommus with your choice of fresh toppings Max.
  • Mutabbal, Maximum freshness with roasted eggplant and pomegranate seeds.
  • No Limit Lebna, Creamy Lebna with no limit of fresh toppings.
  • Fab Falafel, Mashed falafel and toppings with maximum flavor.


I was send a bowl full of Strawberries and Blackberries along with  chocolate dip.

My other fruit bowl had green apples and banana, O MY GOSH!! It was a relishing treat to oneself.


I was send a bowl full of Carrots, Cauliflowers and Broccoli known as Munching Medley along with a delicious dip from the veggie section.


Here comes the Desserts, Champion Chocolate Chip and Red Velvet. This ones were the most delicious dip I have ever tasted.

Look at my delicious table full of delicacies from Chips n Dips.


Overall it was an amazing evening amidst the delicious chips and dips, you should definetely try this place and bring your friends along with you for a good party.

Highlights : Home Delivery

Phone number : 04 2244842

Cuisines : International

Opening hours : 10 AM to 11 PM

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