I just got introduced with Nouq @Facebook Page by Stephan & Fred at the mesmerizing Oberoi hotel. It was an evening filled with sweet delicacies, lots of sweet tastings and the best part was to get introduced with this amazing Camel Milk product.

NOUQ crafts quality ice cream, chocolate pralines, hot chocolate from whole camel milk, in Dubai. It is the world’s first premium brand of camel milk ice cream, chocolate pralines and hot chocolate powder mix, made in Dubai. They supply 5-star hotels, restaurants and cafés across the UAE and are ready for exports to GCC countries and beyond.

The camel milk is sourced locally in the UAE. Camel milk is a staple ingredient in the Emirates culture, along with dates. Camel milk was essential for nutrition and good health in the nomadic diet. There is also an awakening to the issues related to industrial cow’s milk, and to the benefits of hormone-free, vitamin and mineral-rich camel milk.

NOUQ uses pure whole pasteurized camel milk, unlike many industrial ice creams and chocolates that use milk powder. Whole camel milk provides the creaminess that lacks in milk powder and subsequently the unctuosity one wants when eating ice cream and chocolates.



We were given a lot of samples to taste and I must say it really tasted so divine and delicious. To start with we were served Mint Tea, Turkish Coffee, Lotus Biscuits and Pistachio ice cream. My personal favorite was the mint tea and pistachio, all very fresh and delectable.


Then comes the Saffron, Chocolate and Vanilla. O MY GOSH!!! Everything tasted so very good, I am definitely getting this for my freezer.


They have a very good collection and everything was so very delicious. The chocolates just melted in my mouth and its all very creamy, flavorful and chocolaty. They served us the Plain Milk, Saffron , Gahwa and Plain Chocolate.


Th evening was dedicated to all sweetness, delicacies and learning. NOUQ is named after the Arabic “female camels” and serves the best Ice creams, Chocolates and Hot Chocolate powders.

Th event was held at the 971 restaurant, Oberoi hotels, It was a lovely setup in the evening hours,the weather was good so we could enjoy the beautiful outdoor setting.


Find them at the  Food Festival Beach Canteen this Thursday @foodfestdxb from 23rd to 28th Feb.

About NOUQ : 

Emirati company pioneering the art of camel milk desserts making. They created a dozen creamy camel milk ice cream flavors with international and local flairs which can be enjoyed at select luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes in the UAE. The NOUQ collection also features the world’s first sand-colored creamy camel milk chocolate pralines in four popular flavors. Newly launched is the camel milk hot chocolate powder mix, made of real pieces of 50% dark Belgian chocolate to be melted in boiling water for an unctuous and light old-fashioned hot chocolate experience.

Where can we find NOUQ products?

Hotels : Oberoi Hotel Dubai, Emirates Palace, Palazzo Versace, Raffles, and Ajman Palace.
Restaurants : Al Fanar and Seven Sands
Retail : The Ripe Organic Farm Shop in Al Manara
Green Markets : Serving over 300 customers each weekend at the Ripe Markets, Fridays at
Zabeel Park and Saturdays at Al Barsha Pond Park.
Online : You can also order online at Nouq.ae  and other web stores.

Product Facts :

NOUQ’s current product line includes Camel Milk Ice Cream, Chocolate Pralines, Hot
Chocolate mix,  Ice Cream, Chocolate pralines.


About the Founders :

Frederic has been working in the food industry for 15 years, and is uniquely positioned to create a gourmet food concept in the market.

Stephan has years of operational and marketing experience on Fortune 500 companies, and the skills needed to support the steady growth.


For more details contact :

Frederic: 055 514 9619 fred@nouq.ae
Stephan: 055 121 0947 stephan@nouq.ae

Website : http://nouq.ae/en/camel-milk-gelato-icecream-chocolate-pralines-hot-chocolate/