Bring your kitchen into the digital age with Thermomix and explore the various ways of cooking. Thermomix is an extremely versatile appliance that will help you achieve perfect results whatever your style of cooking. Whether you use the Guided Cooking feature, the manual cooking, the automated recipes or you use Thermomix food processor as a tool to perform the difficult and laborious tasks, you will be surprised by how quick and easy is to achieve your goals.


You could call it a “multi-cooker.” It looks like a blender jar (they call it a “mixing bowl”) nestled into a sleek, futuristic centrifuge, and can do things like weigh, blend, stir, whip, chop, and boil. It can make dough. It can even steam, which it does in a basket that sits on the blender jarlike a tiny UFO.

So here’s presenting The World’s Smallest Kitchen.


I was invited with some fellow bloggers by Monica DoinDubai for a BME (Bloggers Managed Event) to try my hands on this magical wonder that it does in the kitchen.  It was a live demo session for all of us and we tried and tasted many recipes, it was like cooking and eating on the spot.

Before going with the details of the event and the recipes let me give you some important guidelines about Thermomix.

  • Thermomix saves time and effort and unlocks your full culinary potential.
  • Simply add the ingredients and activate the selector dial to start cooking.
  • Thermomix  has many built-in safety features like electronic motor protection, spatula safety shield, safety code, temperature control etc.
  • Maintenance-free Vorwerk reluctance motor
  • Stainless steel bowl with integrated heating system
  • Solingen steel blades
  • It can also save you money, declutter your kitchen and improve your lifestyle.
  • The main functions are steaming, emulsifying, blending, precise heating, mixing, milling, whipping, kneading, chopping, weighing, grinding and stirring
  • It comes with mixing bowl, basic cookbook, varoma, recipe chip, digital touch screen, simmering basket.
  • AUTOMATIC COOKING : A selection of automatic recipes are stored on Thermomix
  • MANUAL COOKING : Use Thermomix  cookbooks, recipes from Recipe Community or re-create your family favorites in your Thermomix
  • Thermomix  uses less energy while cooking than most kitchen appliances.You only need one power source to cook a complete meal for the entire family.
  • Whether you are a home cook, have a family to feed or lead a busy life, Thermomix  is perfect for you.
  • Professional chefs have also found Thermomix  a trusted partner in their kitchens.


Thermomix has its office at Al Barsha. The place itself is very welcoming how I wish my office would turn into this.


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Often I wonder how people spent so much time peeling the fruits for a real healthy drink but with Thermomix life’s got so easier. The fresh lemonade was prepared within a fraction of seconds right from the peeling to sipping. It took only 3 sec to get a refreshing drink out of it.


The Nibbles were prepared for us before hand, I was totally impressed as of now I don’t have to buy my brownies from outside. I can prepare fresh with the healthiest ingredients from my kitchen.

Masala Cherry Tiffin and Beetroot Balls, prepared with cashew nuts, vanilla, dates and raisin. So we can see how simple ingredients can create wonders in the kitchen and with Thermomix is always a feasting but with a healthy perspective.


We were called individually to try out the various dishes catered in the menu, my friend Meghna went with the Beetroot Salad which was prepared with beetroot, onions, tomatoes, carrot, cucumber, coriander, lemon and a bit of oil. I often find myself stuck at the kitchen hours to just peel of the salads so its a total work of approx 40 mins for me, and to my surprise right from washing, peeling and cutting it took only 3 SECS for Thermomix to prepare a healthy and tasty Salad.

Cheese are always something you mostly do not prepare at home , but with Thermomix you can prepare your flavored Cheese that too VEGAN at your home within a min. The next dish was the Vegan Cheese prepared with almonds, pistachios, cashewnuts, garlic, coriander and olive oil. It took my ever gorgeous friend Javeria just 5 secs to prepare a delicious, healthy Cheese.

That’s the Magic of Thermomix!!!

Now it was my turn and I took Cheese and Basil Knots, I was always very skeptical in trying kneading at home so I never go with home cooked Bread, Roti etc. But with Thermomix the kneading process was just a few minutes and to my surprise I got my first Garlic Knots prepared all by myself, O what an achievement for me!!!

It was freshly prepared straight from the oven and taste divine.

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I was wondering if this appliance can prepare everything then when is the soup recipe coming up, and yes the most flavorful soup was ready, all thick and delicious.


The mains were equally delicious, healthy and fast. The Soup was prepared along side the mains in one appliance, so you get your Appetizers, Soups, Mains in one shot.

Salmon served with Chermoula Butter and Vegetables, prepared with home ingredients. The process is the same what we do in our kitchen but in a very simple tech way. The Chermoula Butter prepared left a flavorful taste to the Salmons and again both the vegetables and Salmons were steamed just above the Soup Jar. So you get 2 dishes at  a time.

Salmon and Vegetables for Steaming
The Dish

Here comes the much awaited Fish Curry served with  a bowl of Rice, I paid a lot of attention to the details because you have to use your Pans, Kadhais to prepare an Indian curry but not with Thermomix. The raw fish was cooked with perfection with the currry with the same old spices and yes to mention you can even roast and grind your spices here with Thermomix.

The rice was steamed with coconut water so it left a very flavorful taste to it, we often use Tadka for our rice which is again  a very long process of frying the spices and then pouring it but over here you just need to add it accordingly to the settings.

Her comes Monica’s dish the Fish Curry with Rice.

Fish Curry with Rice

Now comes my favorite part the Desserts, over here at Thermomix Office you get to taste 2 Mango Ice Creams one frozen and the other totally Vegan. Believe me the Vegan  tasted way better then the frozen one.

So not only you are fast with Thermomix but you are more healthier by using gluten free, no MSG contain ingredients to prepare your favorite dessert. So do not hesitate to eat out your heart when it comes to Desserts as its all fresh, healthy and of course delicious too.

Look at the feasting on our table, all prepared within an hour with all home ingredients. Cooking can be so much fun with Thermomix.


Bloggers Managed Event by DoinDubai

Here comes my goodies fill with freshly prepared bread and jam, all thanks to Thermomix Team and Monica (DoinDubai).

Thumbs Up to you for the wonderful day!!!

My Wonder Bag from Thermomix

So what you are waiting for go grab your Thermomix  for AED 5,100, the TM5 Model. It comes as a complete package with all its accessories, a cookbook, a recipe chip and two years warranty for household use. They deliver and demonstrate free of charge if the customers are in any of the areas they cover.

They have a special offer at the moment :

People who purchase before the 15th of February 2017 they can get an extra cookbook  or Recipe Chip free of charge, or they can take advantage of their ‘Free Interest Installment Option’ where they can buy the Thermomix at AED 5,100 and pay in 5 installments (no extra book for the installment option).

It’s not possible to buy the Thermomix from a shop or online, only via distributors. If you’d like to see for yourself the versatility of the machine and how it would fit into your cooking, then it’s best to book a demo via the distributor. Demos are completely free with no obligation to buy. They can travel to you, or you can come to them, whatever suits you.
For more information Contact : 
Thermomix office : 04-399 5596
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P.S :  For your Demo classes please mention TheShazWorld Blog