Plethora is specialized in high end beauty products and now is proud to be one of the first in the Middle East to introduce a perfume temple ‘Artistic Perfumery lounge’ dedicated only to the most prestigious perfume brands in the world. Everything from the design, merchandising and the customer experience is thought to provide luxury lovers with the ultimate environment to enjoy their passion.

Plethora has committed to elite quality of various brands selected worldwide with the aim to achieve 100% satisfaction through a distinguished quality and warm customer service fortified with hospitality and professionalism, Delightful customers are Plethora’s top priority and target customers are the high end segment.


I was lucky enough to get invited for the opening of their outlet at the Palm Strip Mall and the launch was done by Mrs. Suhaila the Director of DSF.


Plethora – Gallery of outstanding perfumes.

A story where the distinguished perfume meets the outstanding design; for those seeking beauty at its best.

Plethora’s World : They work hard and pay attention to details; starting from the distinctive design of our stores to the emerging talents and expertise in the perfume industry; all just to draw a smile of satisfaction on our customers’ faces. Each bottle represents a story of creativity that are selected from all around the globe for people who don’t accept anything but the best.

Plethora’s Zones :All of the stores are divided into three zones with interior design that reflects the magic of breathtaking perfumes in black color with a mix of ivory for an elegant touch. The three zones meet the requirements of the visitors smoothly and give them three different experiences which take them on a fragrant trip for different periods of time according to their requirements.

You can start your shopping and buy perfumes in a short time from the First Zone.


While the Second Zone assembles a museum of perfume that allow you to spend more time in the identification of perfumes and getting familiar with them and to enjoy the creativity embodied in each of one them.

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As for the Third Zone, it is a lounge equipped with all supplies of comfort and prepared for our customers to spend their time getting to know more about our perfumes and each finding their preferable fragrance.


All thanks to Plethora Perfumes for this wonderful Perfume.


About Palm Strip Mall :

Across the road from Jumeirah Mosque, just off Jumeirah Beach Road, this lush shopping arcade surrounded by palm trees is dominated by upmarket boutiques. Often quiet during the day, you’ll notice the buzz growing in the evenings when things get livelier at the popular Japengo Cafe. Other outlets include beauty salons, a pharmacy, and brands including Beyond the Beach, Elite Fashion, Oceana and Zara Home.