“Tirta” is the Hindu word for “Holy Water”.

The gates open to reveal a sacred paradise enveloping the spiritual healing powers of water and a private path that will take you on the road to relaxation, rejuvenation, restoration and renewal. Surrender yourself to a well-deserved pampering at Tirta Spa – a world-class health spa offering high quality facilities and wellness therapies. Special treatments such as full-body massages, facials, body wraps, body polishes, aromatherapy treatments.


They have created holistic treatments and therapies designed for the specific needs of an individual client, with each client as important as the next. They integrate ancient healing rituals with modern methods, focusing not only on aesthetic benefits, but also on the therapeutic, detoxifying aspects, achieving balance for a tired body, mind and soul. They ensure that maximum benefit is gained from time spent luxuriating at Tirta Spa!


It was like a Royal welcome as its located in one of the posh Villas in Jumeirah, it was a fantasy land for me where you will only get pampered more and more. The sacred architectural design of Tirta Spa is a fusion of different Asian styles, borrowed from spiritual cultures and temples. With attention given to even the minutest detail. The influences are primarily Thai, Indonesia, Indian and Middle Eastern. The cogon roofs, the extensive use of indigenous Narra wood, red bricks from Vigan and Mactan stone. Capiz lights made from oyster shell , 3 rooms comprises of the Arabic, Japapnese and Phillipines culture where each room is decorated according to the respective cultures imported all with love and care.

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I was surprised by the detailing of the interiors of the place starting with the manicure room where you can relax and sleep like Cleopatra, Japanese silk in the Japan Rooms, Real Shell Door and Mirror at the Japan Room, Coconut Shell Walls along side the statue of Buddha, may artifact and decors specially designed for relieving stress and anxieties are depicted on the walls.

The design of the Tirta gate is borrowed from an ancient Balinese temple.

A highly recommended place by TheShazWorld!!!

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I was lucky enough to try their Hot Puka Shell Massage but to start with it let me first tell you how they welcomed me with a drink dipped in crystals like AMETHYST, AVENTURINE QUARTZ & ROSE QUARTZ.

Welcome Drink

I had to fill up a form of my various health issue, my stress level. anxieties and pains etc which was helped the Therapist to figure out the pressure points in my body along with all abnormalities.

My Profile

Hot Puka Shell Massage : AED 550

To start with as according to their rituals I was Foot Scrub in Stones and Scrubs, even if you come for any Salon treatment this ritual is given to everyone as complimentary. So enjoy your Foot Scrub along with a cup of refreshing green tea.

Foot Scrub

They also offered me a Steam Bath which is worth AED 50 for 15 mins, you get all drenched out and get ready to pamper yourself with the long 1.5 hour Massage with Hot Shells.

I chose to go with the Carrot Seeds instead of the Mandarin Oil oil which  can be attributed to its properties as an antiseptic, disinfectant, detoxifying, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, carminative, depurative, diuretic, emenagogue, stimulant, cytophylactic, tonic, and vermifuge substance.

Carrot Seed Oil

At the beginning and end of each treatment, cymbals and singing bowls are used by the therapists to create mantra, or a sound for enhancing meditation. Incense burning in the villas not only creates an exotic aroma, but also serves to drive away demons and release bad spirits.

The most ECO-FRIENDLY TREATMENT in all holistic therapy today!

This Hot Puka Sea-Shell treatment offers a blissful, beneficial blessing from the ocean and is used to balance internal energy. This eco-friendly Hot Puka Sea-Shell Massage Therapy tool is being offered only by the most high profile spas around the world and is rapidly growing in popularity amongst celebrity clients both in the US and the UK.
The clam shell provides warmth and, in turn, emotional healing and deep tranquility for your soul. The natural, self-heating technology, dried kelp and algae from the underwater forests that they use inside the shells, create a constant, reliable and powerful heat, without the use of electricity and emit the scent of the ocean, allowing your mind to drift off to thoughts of the mystery and wonders of the sea. All of the ingredients and products used in this innovative and most therapeutic of massage tools are, in keeping with their ‘green’ concept, biodegradable and recyclable.



Each original clam shell that they use has been collected in an eco-friendly way. Tirta Spa Tiger- Striped Clam shells, gathered from the shores of The Philippines, have historically only been harvested for their meat. Recycling the shells in this way, without waste, for use as one of our the therapeutic tools, enhances this innovative new feature of our holistic treatments and is just one of the ways that at Tirta Spa play our part in helping the environment.


The LAVA GEL tea bag that is placed inside the shell, contains calcium and iron and has been developed using self-heating technology. By combining a blend of food-grade minerals and underwater flora such as kelp, algae and seaweed, mixed with sea water, the Perfect Temperature system creates a constant, reliable and powerful heat, without the use of electricity. These simple, all-natural ingredients create no harmful by-products and are environmentally friendly.



When you lie down on the massage bed, the therapist will begin by performing on you the
Tirta Spa traditional stretching, whilst waiting for the sea-shell to heat up. Once it has reached optimum heat, the hot shell will be used to massage your skin. The warmth that the sea-shell transmits will penetrate deeply into your body, whilst, at the same time, absorbing all the cold and imbalances from your body, encouraging the flow of the chi energy in order for you to once again experience a sense of re-balance. How long the heat in the shells lasts for depends upon how cold your body is inside – if you require a lot of heat, the shells


Hilot is an ancient Filipino therapeutic massage. The treatment begins with the therapist scanning your back, searching for imbalances in your body. Then, any tension detected in the body will be relieved by the therapist slowly applying pressure to those specific pressure points of the body which need to be de-stressed. This will bring balance to one’s entire being. Applying the therapeutic oil that you select supplements the Hilot treatment and helps to regulate the body’s temperature. Combining chiropractic methods and ancient Filipino meditation techniques, the Tirta Hilot not only helps to alleviate muscle tension, but is also a remedy for easing painful joints and generally assists in preventing illness.

My therapist Miss. Olive has got magic in her hands, she knows my pressure point and all the imbalances in my body. I am all stress free after taking this wonderful and magical treatment and all thanks to Olive.

My Therapist OLIVE

About En Calvert

Owner, and Spa Director – Tirta Spa

A certified Spa Connoisseur, En started her spa career when she was a little girl. Her family owns a spa which later develop her passion towards managing their family business. In 2011, En studied Physiology, Anatomy, Holistic Massage techniques, Aromatherapy and Spa management from prestigious Hong Kong-based institutes; International Therapy Examination Council and Confederation of International BeautyTherapy and Cosmetology.


En opened her first spa venture in 2007 in Asia’s 24/7 Island, Boracay Philippines. Years after the opening, Tirta Spa Boracay received numerous awards and accolades from several organizations not only in the Philippines but international. Trite Spa was awarded by the prestigious World Luxury SpaAwards as the Best Luxury Day Spa in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Trite SpaBoracay is also awarded by travel website giant Trip Advisor a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and ‘Hall of Fame’ for the outstanding review by its guests.


A visit to Tirta Spa benefits not only those with physical ailments but, equally importantly, those in search of re-balanced emotions and spiritual well-being. With the stress under which, day‐to‐day, we find ourselves in this modern world, wellness has become not only fashionable, but crucial if we are to truly care for body, mind and spirit. At Tirta Spa, they have created treatments and therapies that integrate ancient healing rituals with modern methods, in order to balance our bodies, struggling to cope with this modern lifestyle.

To complete the spiritually-grounding experience that you truly deserve, they pay particular attention to the art of cleansing oneself from negativity, thereby achieving a higher level of calm and serenity.

WEBSITE : http://www.tirtaspa.com/