A rich, soft cream with an enveloping fragrance for immediate relief to even the driest, most dehydrated hands, leaving them immediately soft and silky, and protecting them to keep them looking young.

Contains Argan oil which is rich in unsaturated essential fatty acids, it is good to relieve dry, dehydrated skin and fight aging skin because it contains high levels of antioxidants and anti-radicals, rich in vitamins A, F and E.


Extract of Jasmine, which is especially recommended to treat dry, dehydrated skin.

  • Hair/Skin:all types
  • Actions:softening, nourishing and protective
  • Direction for use:                                                                                                                     Apply a small amount of cream several times over the course of the say to dry hands and then massage until fully absorbed.                                                                                    Frequent use is recommended to protect and hydrate even the driest areas on the hands.
  • Scent:                                                                                                                                            HEAD NOTES: CITRUS/FRESH (bergamot, lemon rind, coriander)                            HEART NOTES: FLORAL (white flowers, lily of the valley, iris)                                        BASE NOTES: WOODY/AMBER/MUSK (cedar wood, birch, amber, vanilla, various  musks)
  • Suggestions:all those wanting soft, well-looked-after hands
  • Characteristic:cream enriched with Argan oil and butter
  • Texture:cream
  • Application Area:hands

My Review :

I have got a very rare combination skin from Dry to Oily and my hands been always dry, so this is the cream made only for me I guess. It had made my skin very soft, subtle and so very velvety.

My hubby too is complimenting me that I got some real magic playing in my hands. LOL

I highly recommend this not only because of its creamy texture but also for its fragrance, I am going GAGA over it again and again.


Bottega Verde

Founded in Pienza, in 1972. Bottega Verde was founded in Italy, between Florence and Siena: in Pienza, a small Tuscan town listed by UNESCO on account of its natural,
artistic and cultural heritage. This home to tradition, which nestles amongst hills, vineyards and wheat fields, was opened in 1972 as a small herbalist shop with a passion for artisan production and sale of Cosmetics based on natural active ingredients.

Italy’s No.1 today

Bottega Verde was already an extremely interesting business in the early 90s:
authentic, sincere and dedicated to women, but with a great deal of potential
to achieve more.
The Group that purchased Bottega Verde – with a good deal of business
experience after years in the direct marketing sector – decided to focus on the
Cosmetics sector, and with enthusiasm and intuition, it transformed
Bottega Verde into a nationwide success.