Tresind is back with its new Winter Menu and this time its all about enjoying the favorite Season of the year with delicious food and warm hospitality.From Warm Salads to mouthwatering Khicdi its only about how well you spend your Winters well here at Tresind.


To start of here comes my first drink of the evening Storage. And why its Storage??? You have to hunt down your Juice Jar inside the molecular gastronomy book fill with wonders. My wonder juice was prepared with fresh Orange, Blackberries, Peach and Thyme. It was a refreshing way to start down your long awaited meal.


This is to lighten up your mood and to make me sure that your gastronomy journey has just begun. So relax and let Tresind do the magic for you.


Here comes the Pre Appetizer, Tomato Salsa grinded with Roasted Onions, Garlic’s, Chilies, Carrot Pickle on a traditional Indian style and served with Pindi Chana Hummus, Sun Dried Tomato, Olive Pickles and Crispy Pau i.e Bread. Indeed a good way to start yourmeal with some sift tomato salsa’s and crisp bread.

Deconstructed Pani Puri, the method was well demonstrated live with Pani puri mixture on Sodium Alginate to create the bubble and then soften up in Water. Served with Boondi and Tamarind Chutney. Just gobble in one go, basically one shot Pani Puri. Its always in the streets i have tasted the best ones but Tresind gotta change my mind completely. The best technique with lots of deliciousness added to it.

Pani Puri

Baked Burrata Salad, the specialty of this Salad is that its warm and till now I am sure why is it so??? Because of the lovely winter season, you really want to have everything warm and fresh. The Burratas are prepared with Pesto Coriander, some sprinkles of Tomato Shorba and served with Salad leaves, Beetroot, Rocca leaves and Asparagus.

Every bite of it was WOW from me and why not the gem himself Chef Himanshu prepared it live in front of us, it had to create its magic.

Light My Fire with fresh Mint, Cucumber, Chaat Masala, Lime and Sprite. Whata  presentable way to serve this gorgeous greenish fresh drink inside the lamp, it really lights up your senses and feels makes you refreshed and soothing.

Light My Fire

Chef Himanshu in action and this time he is recreating my childhood memories, Roasted Baby Salad. This is my own Bhutta which I often use to have during winters in Delhi after college, the same old taste spiked with Lemon Juice and Chili Chaat Masala. The best part was it was done live with hot charcoals and the smoky flavor added so much to the flavor of the Salad.

Sea Bass Patrapoda, the delectable fish cooked in Banana leaves with Tomato and Onion spicy Masala, Served with a Curry leave Chutney and Fried Banana leaves. The fish all juicy, moist and tender and the best part was the spices infused till the last bite and the chutney created a heavenly delicious taste to it.

Banarasi Aloo Papad twist, its our own ragda patty prepared with mash white Pea and garnish with Lettuce and Baby Carrot. What is the twist??? You have to eat the papad along with the mash pea and it created magic on every bite. The taste was divine and I wonder Veg dishes can create such magic in deliciousness too.

Banarasi Aloo Papad

Lamb Chops for Vegetarian!!! Confused????? This is how Tresind surprises you with a Mock Lamb Chop prepared with Lotus Steam and Potatoes. The Veg Kebabs were delicious and left a very delightful taste to it and with the Raw Mango and Chily Chutney it played wonders within it. The stems trickily played the lamb chops leg so you may get really thoughtful what you are actually eating.

Veg Kebabs

Jameen Doz Chicken, prepared mostly in Rajasthan in earthenware in hot charcoal and cooked for almost 8 hours which leaves you with a smoky aromatic flavor. Its basically cooked in a tandoor style where the chicken is cooked perfectly and the meat all juicy, tender, smoky flavor and laid on a bed of mash potato.

Chicken Tandoori

Here comes my Palatte Cleanser, with Lassi and my favorite Peda. I am here to begin my Main Course.

Palatte Cleanser

Bhirbal Ki Khichdi, it dates back to Akbar and Birbal story and this is where the Khicdi originated. It is prepared with more than 70 ingredients, specialties from each part of the Indian State. It was done live by Chef Malik putting all the ingredients like Coriander Seeds, Gun Powder, Green Chilies, Red Chili Powder, Curry Leaves etc sprinkled with Desi Ghee, Mustard Oil and Hot Water.

It was a royal treat to myself, and seen it live with such a grand preparation served in an elegant silver dish. It is served with Boondi Raita and Papad in a lavish spread.

Feel like a King and Eat Like a King!!!

Bhirbal Ki Khicdi


Pressure Cooked Chicken Stew, o WOW this was my favorite, Perfectly prepared Chicken cubes with a delicious gravy and best goes with the Indian Bread served.

It was like some angel landed into the kitchen of Tresind and prepared this dish only for me. The gravy all delicious, light and the Chicken cubes all juicy and moist.

Pressure Cooked Chicken Stew

Here comes my favorite part the Dessert. I have a sweet tooth and always on the look out for the best ones in town. Tresind you ruled my heart, mind, soul everything. Keep up the delicious Dessert work.

100 GMS Jelebi, It was bought in our traditional weight machine where you can buy it from Tresind in gms and Kilos. It was the most delicious treat to oneself, the Jalebis were crisp, caramelized and heavenly delicious.

100 Gms Jalebi

Baked Kunafa, prepared with Caramel Mousse with Condensed Milk, Mango and Orange gel laid on a bed of fried vermicelli. Garnished with Rose Petals and Gold foil, and topped with caramel gel. The taste was so pure and divine, I was hoping it would never end. So fir moist and delicious.

Baked Kunafa

Baklava Baked with Pistachio Mousse and Rose Sorbet, it was a 2 layer baklava done with pistachio cream and berries and served with a delightful Rose Sorbet. The presentation was WOW and so appealing to the eyes, all in greenish and reddish sweet.

It was like heaven in my mouth, I am privileged to have a sweet tooth otherwise I would have missed so much in my life.

Baklava Baked

To finish any Indian Meal, Paan is very essential and here how Tresind’s revives the magic with Paan flavored Cotton Candy.

Cotton Candy

P.S – New Lunch Menu for 2nd Anniversary for AED 99

Guest Sharing Menu :

Without Alcohol is AED 400

With Alcohol AED 425.

Overall it was an amazing experience and keeping in mind the Winter season the menu will take you to some of the best Winter dishes and take you on a round to India Tour.

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