Here comes my another review from the Glam Box Subscription for the month of Sep, it seems like someone has packed this items only for you and when you get it you are up in the clouds. I received Skin 79 Brow Class Mascara and Wonderfix Brush Eyeliner all in Brown I was all happy and eager to use it.

SKIN79 BROW CLASS Colouring Mascara

Up your brow game by using this wonder wand to add a natural yet intense color to define while keeping your eyebrow layer neat and under control. The combination of Black Food Complex and Argan Oil keeps the brow and skin healthy while the formula glides on softly yet sets to give a fantastic hold. With great brows, we’ll even excuse you from taking a day off eye make-up!

Price AED : 60


  • Eyebrow mascara that naturally colors your dark eyebrow to match with your hair color.

How to Use:

  • Raise the brush and softly touch in opposite direction of the blow.
  • Softly brush in direction of front to the back of the brow.
  • Pack Size – 4.5ml


Skin79 WonderFix Brush Eyeliner

Create your very own Korean look with the SKIN79 Wonder Fix Brush Eyeliner. This long lasting eyeliner will achieve a very precise and defined result. Its brush is super pointy yet soft and flexible enough to create a modulable thickness while getting in the inner corner of the eye really well. The color goes on so smoothly and doesn’t skip at all. You won’t go without it anymore!

Price: AED 65

  • Brush Pen Eyeliner that quickly fixes vivid color to maintain sharp eyes for a long time.

How to Use:

  • Tilt the pen and draw along the eyeline by filling in between the lashes.
  • Fill in between the empty space by holding the pen upright.
  • Pack Size – 0.5g


About Skin 79

SKIN79 embraces nature and science, ensuring that all its products are suitable for all skin types. Through continued research and innovation, SKIN79 constantly improves and develops newer and better skincare formulas that adapt to an increasingly modern lifestyle.
The SKIN79 skincare philosophy believes that time plays a vital role in skin renewal. Their “skin innovation by seventynine system” espouses the following key points:

    • 365: For glowing skin all year-round, you must invest in the right products and consider the seasons and climates.
    • 79 days: The time it takes for tired or damaged skin to recover and regenerate.
    • 79 seconds: The time you only need to apply makeup, thanks to SKIN79’s “multi” items.
    • 7 am – 9 pm (“79 hours”): The average time you have makeup on your face.
    • 79 minutes: The 79-minute investment you must make each day for proper makeup, cleansing and moisturizing.

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