A se The Sahara Grill story began at a time when halal establishments in the UK could only offer a basic menu of curried dishes, fried chicken and pizzas. Family, friends and neighbors were constantly in search of a restaurant menu to equal or exceed the taste of their own halal home cooking, all to no avail.

Sahara Grill has built its unrivaled reputation on a founding ethos dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality food sourcing, finest preparation and impeccable customer service. The entire Sahara Grill team are committed to the rigorous task of selecting only fresh Grade A premium cuts, observing stringent hygiene practice and daily, in house fresh preparation. Every menu item, including all sauces, rice and coleslaw, is freshly prepared daily and cooked to individual customer order.

Where do the incredible ideas for Sahara Grill’s unusual dishes come from?

It’s a question intrigued diners often feel compelled to ask. The Sahara Grill experience is known far and wide for offering a tantalising combination of food preparation by time-honoured methods, and using unexpected ingredients to create surprising recipes of sheer grilled delight – often with a contemporary twist. Sahara Grill has come to represent so much more in the daily life of the immediate community and beyond. Developing a reputation for unique grill preparation and inspired dishes would, ultimately, lead to Sahara Grill being widely embraced by a greater discerning public – from the north of England to as far away as Dubai.


The interior of Sahara Grill is relaxed theme, you may choose to take a table within in the restaurant’s modern, stylish interior or alternatively, enjoy your favorite dishes in a more traditional low level lighting space, an ideal setting for evening meals and special occasions, where you can relax against a backdrop of subtly textured walls capes and spotlit artifacts. The Dubai place has all been designed so elegantly as you can see the mesmerizing Burj Al Arab while you enjoy your steaks. The place is 100% spacious which allows a good gathering to dine in without much hassle.

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When it comes to Steaks i am always ready for it and coming from a joint who has been successfully doing well in London now almost a decade, I can never say NO to it. I knew something good is store in for me there, something which i would go for again and again.

I was greeted well by the chirping staff and made myself comfortable as walked in the man behind the success of Sahara Grill Mr.Tye Razzaq. He explained us well how he chooses to have daily supply of fresh Canadian beef, New Zealand lamb and locally produced chicken to serve the customers. In the Dubai outlet, the menu is tailored according to the needs and tastes of the local customers in this market. This can be clearly understood with things like the use of potato bun, serving of hummus and warm bread etc.

As we settled well after a brief talk with Mr.Tye i ordered a fresh Orange Juice to start my meal with.

Orange Juice

Now not much of a delay let me start what i had at Sahara Grill. Lamb Chops , as suggested by Mr.Tye as being the most sellers both in UK and Dubai i had to go for this. New Zealand tender lamb chops marinated in Sahara Grill signature spices and flamed grill to perfection, slightly on the hot side. O MY GOSH!!! Still relishing the taste, so tender, succulent, meaty flavored I bet you haven’t tried so much deliciousness at any other place. It melted  in my mouth and the secret recipe they used was enough to win me over.

Lamb Chops

Sahara Wings, fresh tender chicken wings in a hot and tangy sauce, served with sour cream and chives. Now this was one of its kind, delicious and tender infused chicken with the spices, perfectly grilled leaving you with juicy effect.

Sahara Wings

Sahara XXL Burger, fresh prime chicken fillet marinated and frame grilled with melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions finished off with mayonnaise in a toasted bun. The chicken is marinated in Sahara grill in house spice. You need to go to a burger joint for having Burgers you can dig at Sahara Grill for their amazing burgers. Perfectly done so well marinated and grilled and of course so best in taste.

Sahara XXL Burger

We had the Hand Cut Canadian Prime Angus Beef as our Rib Eye Steak. It is marinated in Sahara spices and flamed grilled to medium which was our choice of preference. Served with caramelized onions, fries (choice up to you) and picante gravy. O WOW!!! That sounds so interesting right??? The most talk of the town in UK, very blessed to have it here in Dubai. The meat all juicy, tender, succulent and deliciousness on every bite.

The Picante Gravy one of the most delicious sauce I have experienced is prepared from the Chicken Bone Stock so you can imagine delicious they were.

Rib Eye Beef Steak

Sahara Flamed Grilled Chicken, fresh Chicken on the bone marinated with their signature Sahara Grill spices and flamed grilled to perfection. Served with a bowl of rice and chicken stock. Before even trying this i knew it cannot be so delicious as the Beef ones as for me Beef is the moist delicious meat of all, but i was wrong here and all thanks to Sahara Grill for creating such a delicacy.The Chicken all tender and juicy, it melts in ones mouth and the spices o well infused till the last bone.

The Sauce was prepared by the Chicken Stock which itself had a lot of flavors in it and the rice o I loved it full of flavors and deliciousness.

Sahara Flamed Grilled Chicken

As i am Dessert person and in my every Blog Post i always mention it without sweet my meal is not over, but for the first time really did not want to change my taste buds with a heavy heart  said NO to it.

Founded in 2004, the renowned Sahara Grill chain of unique restaurants is widely recognised as being the original, influential and still the best innovators of today’s modern, flourishing halal cuisine. A relentless, dazzling array of mouthwatering dishes served daily to the countless number of loyal Sahara Grill customers is a long way removed from the restricted menu of options available to the dining out community when Sahara Grill were first inspired to begin the quest for cuisine creativity.

Highlights : Outdoor Seating,Wifi

Phone number : 04 3380844 Table booking recommended

Cuisines : European, International, Burger

Cost : AED 225 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 12 Noon to 11 PM

Address : The Mall, Opposite Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Jumeirah Road, Umm Suqeim, Dubai

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