Cosmetics and skin care are no longer a luxury, in fact, they have become everyday must have items that have even stepped over the boundaries of gender.  Missha is surrounded with steeply priced competitor’s cosmetics. They are more than grateful and happy that our philosophy has been well received and fully understood by customers who love to shop at Missha.


I received Missha’s Super Aqua Ice Tear product from my monthly Sep subscription from Glam Box, was very excited to use a Korean product, all thanks to Glam Box for making it possible for me.

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Missha’s Super Aqua Ice Tear Toner

Ice Tears – Glacier water with clearness and pureness of Patagonia, the end of the world, is used in MISSHA Super Aqua Ice Tears – Series and boosts your skin with lots of moisture and energy!

 The Benefits are :

  • Skin-Friendly Hexagonal Water
    The structure of glacier water is similar to the skin-strengthening hexagonal water for healthy skin care
  • Moist Skin Foundation Care
    Rich in minerals to help skin absorb moisture for a hydrated, healthy skin foundation
  • Instantly Hydrates to Maintain Hydration Balance
    Moist hydration is quickly absorbed to prevent skin dryness felt after cleansing

Toner: After washing your face, get an appropriate amount onto cotton puff or palm and apply onto face by patting lightly until fully absorbed.It leaves a very delightful aroma on to your skin, feeling it more refreshed and clear.


Missha Super Aqua Ice Tear Emulsion

Features :

  • Hexagonal structure of water: Healthy Skin Care
  • Rich in minerals: Based on moist skin formation
  • Balanced oil and water: Grant smooth

How to use :

  • After using essence, then spread on the skin gently rubbing absorption

Benefits :

  • With pure, clean and clear glacier water from Patagonia for an optimal moisture-to-oil balance
  • Package with cool impression.
  • No oily touch.
  • Can be used on all types of skin.
  • Instant delivery of moist was possible with this emulsion.
  • It felt like emulsion filled moist into skin.
  • Useful product during change of seasons.


  • Hexagonal water with skin-friendly structure: Containing uncontaminated glacier water with similar structure to that of hexagonal water which is skin-friendly, it helps to care healthy skin.
  • Caring moist skin base: Containing abundant minerals, it helps to promote moist skin base.
  • Maintaining moisture balance: Penetrating gently to the skin, it helps to provide smooth softness with maintaining moisture balance.