Saffron’s aroma is often described by connoisseurs as reminiscent of metallic honey with grassy or hay-like notes, while its taste has also been noted as hay-like and sweet. This is one of the most highly prized spices known since antiquity for its color, flavor and aroma. Zafran the Indian Bistro, the most talk of the town now and as you enter you get the bright dazzling lights popping out of the ceiling, the seatings done in a bright blue, a transparent kitchen where you get to witness the making of the Zafran Naan serving 6 people at one go for only 28 AED. So here’s Zafran welcoming you with a promise to make your evening delicious and a memory to be cherished.


When I received a call from the the lady herself  Monica DoInDubai for a Bloggers Meet Up how could I say NO to that with a bunch of other talented bloggers on board. I must say an evening well deliciously spent.

Our tables were kept reserved with a Menu so you know what you are going to dig into tonight.

Our Menu for the Evening

As for the Welcoming we were served a welcome drink, Rose Lemon done with rose syrup, lemon and 7Up with lemon cuts on it. A refreshing and the most hydrating way to start your meal, but I would rather go for this because of the light and elegant color it left on the glasses, girls go Pink over this at Zafran.

Rose Lemon

Our Amuse Bouche was fresh Watermelon cuts with toppings of Feta Cheese and drizzled with Tamarind Chutney at the base. O wow what a lovely it was!!!! The most cute, delicious bites  kept on our tiny little plates, in fact  this is the way of telling that everything at Zafran is only about delicacy and flavors.

Watermelon Bites

For Condiments we were served Papad, Roasted Papad, Appam along with in house made Beetroot Chutney, Papaya Relish, Pineapple Chutney, Tamarind Chutney ,Watermelon Peel Relish and Mint Chutney. In love with this chutneys and the best part is you are served a s a complimentary when you dine at Zafran.


Our Menu consisted of a delicious spreads of both Veg and Non Veg dishes, so for all veg lovers you need to be happy and over joyed as this place has got some real Veg delicacies on. And I need not to say anything about the Non Veg ones because once you dine in, you will know what you were missing.

So for the starters we were served Dahee Kebab, deep fried yogurt and coriander dumplings. A much lighter then any other place, this are small bites of deliciousness with generous filling of yogurt base cakes with coriander , battered with a crunchy effect and fried to perfection.Served with a relishing Tomato and Garlic Chutney which went so well with the Kebabs.

Dahee Kebab

Aloo Tikkas, prepared with Potato cutlets pan fried and served on a bed of chickpea masala with yogurt and tamarind chutney. This reminded me of the stalls outside my college, we had one permanent Chole guy whom use to call him CHOLE CHACHA!!! He had the most amazing Aloo Tikkis with Chickpeas on it, I can never forget that taste as it still lingers in my mouth.

All thanks to Zafran for recreating my childhood memories, this was the exact Aloo Tikkis from my college stall. So perfectly done, melts in ones mouth and the Chickpeas just added so much character to the dish.

Aloo Tikka

Papdi Chaat, done with flour pastries and spiced mashed potatoes topped with sweet yogurt, tamarind and mint chutney. O MY GOSH!!! What a Delicacy, Indian Chaat can never get better after this. Delectable bites of the pastries and potatoes as it was perfectly infused with all the chutneys used. It gave a very beautiful appealing to the eyes and deliciousness to my taste buds. I am definitely going back for this.

Papdi Chaat

The Kebabs platter was something to be relished, both for the Veg and the Non Veg ones.

Non Veg Kebab Platter consisted of :

  • Chicken Malai Tikka, boneless Chicken marinated in Cashew Nuts, Cream, Cheese and flavored with green Cardamon.
  • Chicken Tikka, boneless Chicken marinated in yogurt, Kashmiri Chiili and Tandoori Masala.
  • Bhatti Chicken, boneless Chicken marinated in yogurt, Cinnamon, Clove and Star Anise.
  • Rampuri Seekh Kebab, minced Lamb seasoned with Coriander, Cumin and Garam Masala.

The best part of Zafran is that they do not use any Food Coloring, Preservatives and everything is prepared fresh over in the kitchen. The moment you taste the Kebabs you know that you are having the most finest of ingredients with quality and taste.

Non Vegetarian Starters

The Vegetarian Kebab Platter had Tandoori Aloo, Tarkari Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Broccoli. As I said the Veg delicacies cannot be missed here, the Kebab platter was a real life example of it. Tender bites of the best tandoor Aloo and Broccoli, spices infused till the last bite.

As I am a Paneer lover so this has to be my favorite, the Tarkari infused spices was mild hot, spicy and a delicious treat to oneself. You should definitely order one of these when you dine out here.

Vegetarian Starter

Now the mains were lined up on our tables and as we were all busy with the photo shoots I quickly took a glance at the menu and O MY GOSH!!! What a delicious spread both in Veg and Non Veg.

Prawn Coconut Curry, prepared wilt Bengali style Prawn with mustard and coconut. A creamy, thick and delicious coconut based yellow curry with tender bites of prawns. I was only filling my rice with this gravy, it left a very flavorful and delightful aroma with it. The best mustard curry with a coconut based curry ever experienced by me.

Prawn Coconut Curry

Rogan Josh, its boneless lamb cooked in yogurt and onion gravy finished with Saffron. I am always skeptical to try Lamb in most places due to the aftermath smell, but over here at Zaffran I had my best ones. The meat all tender, succulent and spices infused till the last bite. I was really enjoying the gravy with the Naan served.

Palak Paneer, delectable cottage cheese cooked in a spinach gravy tempered with cumin and garlic. The gravy itself was so flavorful and the spices used was infused with the cottage cheese perfectly. All veg lovers are really gonna love it.

Palak Paneer

Here comes the most awaited Zafran Naan which can be served for 6 people and it comes to around 28 AED. Gosh I saw it live cooking by Tal Bahadaur and Manavar Singh in the kitchen of Zafran. The Naan was heart shaped, very crispy and delectable to bite it.

Zafran Naan

Aloo Masala, sauteed potato cooked in a tangy masala, tempered with dried coriander, cumin, dried chili and curry leaves.Aloo can be so tastier never imagined and the masala, what deliciousness it spread. This has to be in my next order at Zafran.

Aloo Masala

Chicken Briyani, boneless chicken cooked in saffron basmati rice. The Briyani was filled with flavors and aromas, gave a very delectable taste on every bite. The rice was cooked with perfection leaving its taste, the chicken was infused so well with the spices, I was just having a lot of tender pieces of Chicken with the rice.

Chicken Briyani

Dal Makhani, the primary ingredients in dal makhani are whole black lentil (urad) with red kidney beans (rajma), butter and cream.The traditional preparation of dal makhani involves a series of time-consuming procedures, which can take up to 24 hours to complete. However, with the availability of modern cooking equipment, including electric pressure cookers, the preparation time of the dish has reduced significantly to 2–3 hours. Information Courtesy (Wikipedia).

A blend of black and green lentils in their signature style, the ghee flavored, the thick creamy dal, no words to express the taste as it was so delicious ! The best I have ever tasted, so rich, creamy,thick and heavenly delicious. The perfect that could come out from Zafran’s  kitchen.

Dal Makhani

Our tables filled with delicious spread and how can we not take a delicious shot.

Tables filled with delicious spread

Here comes my favorite part the Dessert and it was served in a platter which had my favorites.

  • Kulfi, Indian milk ice cream with almonds and pistachio.
  • Gulab Jamun, deep fried cottage cheese dumplings in sugar syrup.
  • Gazar Halwa, carrots cooked in sweetened milk.
  • Rasmalai, cottage cheese dumplings with pistachio in saffron flavored milk.
Dessert Platte

The Masala Tea over here is worth a try, just sip it and you feel the magic.

Masala Tea

We got this amazing little wonder from Zafran, a bowl full of Spices from all the States of INDIA. Wow, now every time I cook I will surely remember my Zafran Night, thank you so much for gifting the most valuable priced possession to a lady who loves to cook and eat.

Our Precious Gift

Overall it was an amazing experience, this is now going in my favorite list for Indian Cuisine. With good food you get awesome hospitality and service from the staff, prompt response and an ambiance fill with Indian vibes. So do not forget to dine at Zafran, coz you not know what you are missing!!!!!

Highlights : Home Delivery,Wheelchair Accessible,Kid Friendly,Wifi

Phone number :04 4551672 Table booking recommended

Cuisines : Indian, North Indian

Cost : AED 170 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours :  12:30 PM to 11 PM

Address : East Walk, Level 1, Mirdif City Centre, Mirdif, Dubai

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