Shawarma is a Levantine Arab meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, beef, or mixed meats are placed on a spit (commonly a vertical spit in restaurants), and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. Shawarma can be served on a plate (generally with accompaniments), or as a sandwich or wrap. Dubai is blessed with so many cuisines but their local Shawarma’s always surprises me.I have been trying Shawarma’s the day i landed 5 years back and every time i fell in love with it. Such one one place located in JLT a very cozy serving one of the best Shawarma’s in town name SHAWERMANIA. They offer some of the best fusionised ones keeping in mind the foodies demands.


My blogging journey has taken me to some of the best places in town, whenever there is a fine dining concept we usually say YES to those places and really neglect this small joints who serve dishes far more better, and it says it right”GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACAKGES”.So Shawermania is those small package serving the best in town and i could assuredly tell you that by seeing the crowd grabbing a Shawarma every time they pass by.

As we entered we were hosted by Mr.Randal, o wow what a passionate foodie he is,knows his menu up and down. He advised us with the best ones and i must say i had a delicious treat to myself.

As we ordered the fresh Orange Juice, it came in beautiful glass jars and the juice all fresh and refreshing. I liked how this place is more on the healthy eats and serving all the finest of quality. So that’s why it is FRESHMANIA.

Orange Juice

Haloumi Cheese, o this is a must try at Shawermania, delectable bites of fresh grilled cheese in my mouthy. I ended up having the entire bowl.

Haloumi Cheese

Onion Rings, the moment you taste it you know you are eating it all right. Very light, juicy and delicious, perfectly battered and deep fried. Served with Garlic Mayo, Mayo with Mint and Tomato Ketchup.

Onion Rings

Kaakeh Shawarma.

Kaak : It is made by flattening the dough for the bread and rolling it over a preheated stone. The stone is then baked in a tandoor. In Arab countries, the same word refers to thin savoury pastry bracelets, often flavoured with aniseed or covered with sesame seeds. Kaak bi loz are a sweet version made with ground almonds.

We went for the Chicken filling with Garlic Mayo, Tomatoes,Salads and Pickles. I must say the Kaak plays like a wonder to the dish, very light yet very delicious. The Sandwich itself was a real delicious, the fillings were generous and i could see my Hubby enjoying a lot thought he is not a sandwich person.

Kaakeh Shawarma

Arabco Meat, now this is prepared with Pita Bread, Beef Meat, Tahina, Tomatoes, Parsley and Pickles. O wow what a divine taste it left after every bite. Being a beef person i liked the succulent meat filling and it went perfectly with all the other ingredient used. The best part is the quantity is very good, i guess best for dinner times.

Arabco Meat Shawarma

We were then served the Arabic Shawarma in Chicken platter which came with Fries, Pickles, Garlic Mayo, Ketchup and Salads. This shawarma is prepared with Saj Bread (  It is baked on a domed or convex metal griddle, known as saj). I loved the little cut outs of the Shawarmas as its very easier to taste it though. The taste as usual the best, the chicken with the garlic mayo was so very perfectly done. As said by Mr.Randal this is one of their best sellers, and why not it taste so divine.

You should not miss those fries at all as it is seasoned with some real delicious spice on top.

Arabic Shawarma

Biryani Shawarma, it comes with Briyani Rice, Chicken as we chose it, Pickles, Salads and Pine Nuts on top. I have never tasted briyani at a shawarma place along with the same shawarma chicken, but this was so good. The rice all flavored and leaving a delightful aroma and when having with the chicken pieces it was very relishing. This s one of the most personal hits o the night, thanks to Mr.Randal for suggesting me this delicacy.

Briyani Shawarma

Now here comes our SHAKESMANIA, the Snickers. Do not miss it with the Chocolate  Bar, this is totally house made and with full of flavors. The ingredients used fresh over here are Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Chocolates, Cream etc. The drink was an amazing treat to end the delicious meal. Very chocolaty and topped with Vanilla ice cream, drizzled with Chocolate Sauce and Caramel Syrup.

A perfect Drink for the Perfect Evening!!!


There is a special Loyalty program at the store, when you order 1 Shawarma you get a stamp on it and on the 9th time its FREE!!!! The best part is 1 SHAWARMA = 1 STAMP, not the whole day’s meal. So do not miss this delicious program once you are at Shawermania.

I had an amazing time at this place all thanks to  Mr.Randal for being the best host.

Highlights : Home Delivery,Wifi,Outdoor Seating,Kid Friendly

Phone number : 04 4535433

Cuisines : Lebanese, Fast Food

Address : Ground Level, Dubai Gate 1, Cluster Q, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai

Cost : AED 50 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 11:30 AM to 12 Midnight


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