TRIBES is the realization of one man’s passion for all things African – from the cuisine to the music, art and design. Tribes offers a memorable fusion of exotic flavors, taken from the African continent since the Tribal era, influenced by the Spice Islands of the East, the French in the West, the Malay & Dutch in the South and the Arabic flavors of the North. The menu has been inspired by the amazing food and flavors of Africa, an extremely diverse continent, with numerous tribes, who not only speak different languages, they also have very different foods, which they prepare and serve to their family and friends with a lot of pride. The open kitchen and earthy rich colors enhance modern but traditional design elements throughout the restaurant.

Tribes Carnivore

Tribes Carnivore is the latest concept launched under the Tribes brand name, offering an ‘all you can meat’ casual-dining experience located in The Dubai Mall. A Tribes restaurant would be incomplete without the famous Tribes atmosphere and Tribes Carnivore is no different. With staff hailing from various tribes across Africa, the team sets the tone with their friendly, upbeat serving style. An outdoor terrace adds the WOW factor with stunning views of the famous Dubai Fountains and the Burj Khalifa.


Lunch 11:30 AM to 5 PM | Mon-Thu,Sun
All You Can Eat
Dinner 5 PM to 11 PM | Mon-Thu,Sun
All You Can Eat
11:30 AM to 11:45 PM | Fri-Sat
All You Can Eat

So i was here at Tribes Carnivore with my bestie Javeria, DineOutDubai. We both are die hard meat lovers so we thought why not head out together. The concept of the place is they will serve you meat after every minute so now you have to decide to go it slow or to be served constantly, so they will place a drum with 2 colors, Red and Green indication for Green FEEL FREE TO SERVE MORE & MORE!!! And for Red, SLOW IT BABY LET ME FINISH IT FIRST!! Here come my Tribes Carnivore journey and if you really in love with meat then this is the place for you.

The Serving Concept

We started of with Ginger Fresh, a drink prepared with Passion Fruit Puree, Pineapple Juice, Ginger Syrup, Fresh Basil Leaves and Ginger Beer. A refreshing treat to oneself and love the copper glass they used to serve.

Ginger Fresh

Not only meat is what they are serving but a buffet filled with Salads, Cold Mezze, Pickles to start of your meal with. So just imagine the price so less and all you can EST!EAT!EAT over here.

The list goes some what like this Baked Beans, Baby and Sweet Potato, Butter Corn Cob, Tomato Soup, Red Pepper Chilli Jam, PeriPeri Sauce, Feta Cheese, BeetRoot Hummus, Corn Salad, Lentil Pumpkin, Pasta Salad etc.

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Chicken Drumstick, confused? Do not be!!! Chicken Sausage in lots of spice and paprika, cooked with perfection and served in skewers.

Chicken Drumstick

Beef Chorizo, a typical Sausage but done with perfection with lots of chilies and spices to give you that instant punch in taste but this comes in plain taste , i can say the original without much added spice and chili and it taste as delicious as the spiced ones.

Beef Chorizo

Kasaha Lamb,  O MY GOSH!!! What a divine taste, it seem some Angel had landed in the kitchen of Tribes Carnivore. Such a delicacy, the meat all tender, juicy, succulent, the spices and the oil all infused till the last bite. Don’t read my review for this, just go and have this.

Kasaha Lamb

Bacon Chicken Wrap, wow what a lovely, Beef Bacon stuffed with Chicken Breast and served in skewer. Loved the taste of the beef mingling with the chicken, a rare combination but worth a try.

Bacon Chicken Wrap

Brain Wash, prepared with Watermelon Juice, Mixed Berries, Cranberry Juice and fresh Basil Leaves. What a sarcastic way to offer a brain frizz drink.

Brain Wash

Lamb Rump, a juicy, tender, succulent lamb meat in my mouth. All medium done, but the ematy flavor can be felt from every bite of it.

Lamb Rump

Russian Beef Ribs, the ribs meat but without bones, perfectly done with a Russian Sauce which gave a sweet taste to it. Ribs has always been my favorite part and this place also serves one of my favorites from now.

Russian Beef Ribs

Top Tenderloin, as i am huge Tenderloin fan myself this ones was the most delicious and divine i have ever tasted, It melts inside the mouth leaving behind a heavenly delicious taste.

Top Tenderloin


Mashed Potatoes with Cheese and Cream

Aroma of Africa, prepared with Green Apple Juice, Cinnamon Essence, Fresh Limes, Mint Leaves and Lemonade. Truly African!!!

Aroma Of Africa
Wagyu Flat one of the most delicious meat in the world!!

Beef Tenderloin, NO WORDS TO EXPRESS THIS PART OF THE MEAT!! All juicy and succulent, tender and delicious. Not only delicious but heavenly delicious i would rather say. A must try at Tribes Carnivore.

Beef Tenderloin

BBQ Prawns, apart from the meat this little delicacy was also a hit of the show. BBQ Prawns all dipped in a Garlic Mayo Sauce, fresh, hot and delicious from the kitchen of Tribes.

BBQ Prawns

Meat Balls, delectable bites of meat balls, perfectly done with the spices infused till the last bite.

Meat Balls

Spiced Pineapple, without this our meal would be incomplete. Pineapple spiked with spice sand chilies and GOSH, WHAT A TASTE!!

Spiced Pineapple

Now here comes my favorite part the Dessert, presented with all the molecular gastronomy hype, Dates Cake with Cheese Toppings and a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. O wow what a delicacy, sweet bites of happiness, thank you Tribes for treating me with such a delicacy.


This is how the staff keeps you entertained with Music, Dance and Songs. Just let it go by their tunes and you will enjoy your time out over here at Tribes.

Highlights : Wheelchair Accessible,Wifi

Cuisines : African

Cost : AED 300 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 11:30 AM to 11 PM


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