Plenty of culinary variety can be found at the buffets of Fountain restaurant in the lobby, a beneficiary of daylight flooding through the atrium. From classic dishes and European favorites, to specialties from Asia and Arabia, you can enjoy many plates of great food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Treat yourself to one of their special signature nights every evening throughout the week. The Italian Job is every Tuesday, followed by Street Food every Wednesday. We welcome the Dubai weekend with Grill Night every Thursday and Friday, as well as their fantastic Friday brunch entitled The Art of Brunch.

The Fountain is actually seen on the other side of the restaurant where a stream of waters flow by and yes the pics comes out amazing.


The “Art of Brunch” offers an array of international delicacies served in there live cooking stations accompanied by a distinctive performance from their talented pianist. I was there for the Friday Brunch and it was a delicious spreads from all the continents, the place has so well bought the whole cuisine in one Brunch away. I was led by Debjani, the most chirping host ever experienced, she knows her food well and took me on my tour to the place.

Our server Kundan, was so professional, i really loved the way he unfolds the napkin every time i reach out for it. Staff’s always adds 1 point extra hen you visit a [lace and over here all my points are with them.


Let me start with the Cold Cuts as i have to start from somewhere, Orange Cured Salmon, Smoked Haddok, Beef Breasaola, Beef Peppered Pastrami, Smoked Duck Breast etc. I often take cold cuts with breads and the various drippings. The start was a delicious treat and i know my journey has begun at Fountain.

Their seem to be a wide spread of Salads, it was fishing in a wide sea so i am going to mention my very favorites over here. Mutable, Fattoush, Hummus etc.

Mohammara, prepared with fried peanut, chilli paste, corn, flakes, olive oil, salt & pepper and drizzled with olive. Wow what a perfect Cold mezze i guess after Hummus this one is definitely going to be my favorite.


Shava Beef with Mango Chili Salad, beautifully done in a shot glasses, the beef all tender and juicy. The first look was WOW!!

Shava Beef with Mango Chili Salad

Cabbage Rolls, the most delicious ever tried now springs rolls will get placed by this small bites of happiness.

Cabbage Roll
Salmon  Tartare

Here comes my favorite, delicious Beef Roast live station. Medium done steaks, so succulent and juicy and the spices used infused till the last bite. It gets even more delicious with the Pepper Sauce served.

The Soups are always the plain old ones in most of the places but here at Fountain a whole new Soups are being introduced to me, Green pea Mint Soup and Hearty Vegetable and Bean Broth. I tried the Green Pea and it was delicious and my hubby ended up having 2 bowls of it.


The Mains were a huge section touching almost all the cuisines, as i always write my favorites first, here comes my list of it.

Quinoa Tossed Vegetable, i ended up having this  a lot, veggies perfectly grilled and the tossed Quinoa added so much character to the veggies used.

quinoa Tossed Vegetable

Seafood Thai Curry, being a die hard fan of Thai cuisine i am always look out in the international spreads and this was heavenly delicious specially with a bowl of white rice is just what you need in  a Friday brunch.

Seafood Thai Curry
Herb Tossed Potatoes, perfectly grilled and always Potatoes are always everyone’s  favorite

Braised Beef Ribs with 5 Spice Sauce, this was the hit of the show. Succulent and tender Beef just melted inside my mouth. Perfectly done and the sauces infused till the last bone. A dish to be remembered ad recommended highly.

Braised Beef with 5 Spicy Sauce

The Fateyer’s though not tried but it look very tempting but as i have to do a lot f tasting and the dessert were calling me with wide hands open so here’s a shot of it.


I was in love with the Indian section, beautifully presented keeping the tradition in mind. The spices, cutlers all were kept as decors, so Indian in vibes a big thank you to Fountain for reviving the culture in the International spread. such delicacies and a huge wide spread to really choose what to go with the first.

Chicken Tikka Masala, Paneer Tikka Masala, Roti and Rice were all very delectable and i specially felt the Paneer they used was the top quality and it really melted in my mouth with a hint of Milk flavored in it.

Malai Kebab Chicken, so perfectly done and the spices infused till the last bite. The Chicken all juicy, tender and succulent. A delicious treat to oneself.

Melai Kebab Chicken

The Sushi counter was on the other side of the restaurant and it almost took the half of the place, all types of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian, Sashimi, Nigiri kept and i loved the Sushi bridge where all my favorites were placed. A picture worth sharing.

Sushi Counter

Dimsums has always been  my favorite ever since it has known to me and in Dubai its very difficult to find the best ones. But at Fountain they have really recreated my childhood taste by serving one of the best Dimsums in town.


The Oyster Bar, so creatively presented, again  a picture worth taken.

Oyster Bar

The Cotton Candy guy what a talent he is, was thrilled by seeing how Cotton Candy is actually prepared for the very first time.

Cotton Candy

The “Kids Paradise” is there dedicated area where your kids can enjoy a healthy meal while playing under the supervision of their dedicated staff. The team has put together an expansive kids’ programme with a wide collection of activities including a kids’ movie theater, video games, painting, a jumping castle, and so much more was glad to know that they have  a kids area where your lil ones get to enjoy plays, see videos, play video games and also delectable bites. Such a relief to the parents who can enjoy their food and their is someone to take care of your child. The play area was huge, children’s were playing and enjoying their bit of time too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Bread Counter, O MY GOSH!!! what a spread from Sesame, Wheat, to my favorite Beet. Yes you should definitely try the Beets ones as they were stuffed with Zucchini and Pickles and the taste was all divine.

Bread Counter

The Cheese spreads such tempting and at that very moment you forget about your calorie intakes, just one thing goes over your head it would be so delicious with the bread spreads.

You have to choose from the table Menu to go with which dish and both me and my hubby chose the Sea Food platter and it was the best choice. A plate full of Tiger Prawns, Salmon, Hamour all grilled and Calamari battered and fried served with a lemon mayo dip. The fish all juicy and succulent, so perfectly grilled and the taste all divine and delicious. You should really go for this platter whenever you are at Fountain.

Sea Food Platter

A live station to cook your favorite Noodles.


Now here comes my favorite part the Dessert, WOW what a spread from delectably to deliciousness in each and every bite. To name a few Art of Bunch Cake, Raspberry Mousse, Sticky Rice with Mango, Chocolate Roll, Red Velvet Cake, Mango Mousse Cake etc. O MY GOSH!!!! All so delicious and the way it was presented was out of the blue.


Not only food this place gives you a talented Piano artist with some soothing music. So its time to relax and enjoy music.

Music for the Soul

Overall it was an amazing experience and the spread was worth a try specially the Friday Brunch.

Friday Brunch

12 Noon to 4 PM
AED 195 (With Soft Drinks)
AED 295 (With House Beverages)

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