Waffle Factory originated in the late 1990s in Belgium and it was born, essentially with the Liège waffle, but a few years later, other pastry recipes  created, both savory meal for real, and sweet for even more tasty desserts. The LunchWAF, real lunch or dinner, and whose implementation is completely new to become one of the favorite dishes of customers who, tired of the eternal sandwiches or pizzas, taste this “waffle that is unlike any waffle”.
The Waffines and other stuffed elk will complement the now extensive range of Waffle Factory.

Waffle Factory Belgium

Dubai gets it Waffle Factory all way from Belgium with some real new invention according to the demand of the foodies here. Everything prepares fresh over here from dough to cream. I was actually amazed to see it work in front of my own eyes how the dough is prepared every 2hours with the freshest of ingredient all imported from Belgium. Not only the Waffles the ice cream here are fresh, o added sugar or color. The cream is freshly prepared and the tea one of the best i had. As Waffle are basically street food so the concept is totally kept like a street food place where you go by grab your favorite Waffle.

A bit of a knowledge about Waffles in the Waffle factory, there are basically 4 types

  • Brussels Waffle : Light Squared Waffle with large choice of toppings.
  • Waffine : Thin sweet Waffle filled with Sweet Toppings
  • Liege Waffle : Filled with Pearl Sugar and Caramelizing when Baking.
  • LunchWaf : Savoury filled with fresh ingredients.

So i ordered a Tikka and made it a meal which included Leige Waffle and  a drink too.


Tikka, prepared with spicy chicken, Gouda,bell peppers, spicy mayo tikka. It was a mini Pizza but what i loved it was they were honest to tell about that they prepared the Non vegetarians and Vegetarian Waffle only because the market demands. The Tikka was perfectly done, as it was 4 pieces of one waffle so it was easy to grab it.


Leige Waffle, as mentioned above, i did my toppings with Ice Cream, and Peanut Butter and WOW it was delicious. As i am always a dessert lover this was the best Waffle i had ever had.

Leige Waffle

My friend, all vegetarian ordered the Vegetarian Waffle and it was prepared with Gouda, sun dried tomatoes, olives, tomato sauce, Mozzarella. And to my surprise the veg ones was delicious too.

Vegetarian Waffle

Neha, the lady behind the ongoing success of Waffle Factory in Dubai, so passionate about food and she could only take about how much Waffle Factory had done to cater to the need of the customer by serving the best quality, fresh ingredients and the awesome hospitality. She also offered us Waffine with whipped cream on top and it was heavenly delicious.

Don’t get confused its the same as Leige but cut into half to make it thin, so basically a sandwich go by.


Then Neha came up with, WHY NOT TRY THE BRUSSELS ONE??. All thanks to her i loved that one the most. So crispy and tender, both plays a good mingling and topped with high quality Swish Ice Cream, O MY GOSH!!!!Delicious bites of happiness in my mouth.

Brussels Waffle

In fact the Kadak Tea, as i ordered sugarless was so refreshing and when asked as i was very sure, the machine all incorporated from India.

Kadak Tea

Here are some sneak peak of how the dough is prepared all thanks to Neha for showing this.

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Thank you for the lovely souvenir, it was a real nice gesture.


I had an amazing experience, i really dint knew Waffle would taste so much better then other places. All thanks to WAFFLE FACTORY for opening in Dubai.

Highlights : Desserts and Bakes

Cuisines : Desserts, Light Bites

Address : Near Carrefour, Burjuman Centre, Mankhool, Dubai

ZOMATO : https://www.zomato.com/dubai/waffle-factory-mankhool

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