Fuchsia is definitely your Thai place, serving the best of Thai cuisine with experts from Thailand. The place welcomes you with full serenity and awesome hospitality. The staff will make you so homely with that place that at the end you will regret why it had to end so fast. After its successful venture in Barsha Heights, i has set foot in Business Bay with a better and the best look. The place in Business Bay is more spacious, more soothing and you get to enjoy your food in style.


The decor is a modern chic with lights hanging from walls, flower pots can be seen on every nook and corner of the place, books kept to sit and relax and you cannot miss the open kitchen. Complimentary healthy drinks kept for refreshment, some parts are so beautifully lighted with symbols and quotes and over here they have the grill so you can enjoy all your barbecues over here and its delicious.

The menu offers a wide range of Healthy dishes, Business Lunch to Dinner option and recently they have launched the New menu and i am about to speak the whole menu in a nut shell.

The Menu

Here comes the freshest and the delicious Coconut Water with the Shell and the Fruit. I am always in search of the after fruit into the shells back at home and Fuchsia made my childhood recreated by serving me this divine delicacy.

Coconut Water

For Condiments they have the best sauces all house made over here.

  • Chili Vinegar
  • Tamarind Fish Sauce
  • Lemon Coriander sauce
  • Siracha

Coconut Spicy Soup, the name attracted me so much that i had to order this. It was a coconut milk based with Chicken, Mushroom, Baby Tomatoes and Lemongrass on it. I have never tasted a coconut milk based soup and i must say delicious pouring on every sip.

Coconut Spicy Soup

Chicken Satay, served with Peanut Sauce. Its succulent Chicken Breast marinated and grilled to perfection with Thai Herbs, Coconut and Curry powder and presented in skewers. I guess my first ever delicious satays, as most places cannot make it all juicy. But this place was like some heavenly divine just landed in the kitchen of Fuchsia. the chicken so juicy, tender and it’s still tempting.

Chicken Satay

Beef Salad, so beautifully presented on a lettuce leaf. The meat all tender and juicy and the perfect mingling of Tamarind sauce and the Thai herbs. Done with other veggies like Onions, Spring Onions etc. So appealing to the eyes and very delicious in taste.

Beef Salad

Lamb Shanks, a creamy yellow curry done with Sweet Potatoes, Coconut Milk, Thai herbs and with a whole lamb leg. O MY GOSH!!! such a delicacy with the coconut milk. The meat all tender and juicy, really melts inside ones mouth. This was again one of my favorites but at Fuchsia it was the best.

Lamb Shanks

Iced Hibiscus Tea and Passion Fruit Iced Tea was served, i had to take it with no sugar and i tell you it sounded so good without it. I could feel the seeds of the fruits.

My hubby went for the Hibiscus one, and to my surprise for the first time he had finished it all. All thanks to Fuchsia.


BBQ Chicken, after having this you will simply don’t want to remember any BBQ place ever. The best that can come out from a BBQ Chicken, it seemed some Angel landed i the kitchen of Fuchsia and prepared this. The most succulent, juicy, tender.. NO WORDS TO EXPRESS Chicken BBQ i have ever tasted. This can only be explained by having one more of this. Served with Pak Shoy and E Shan Sauce.

(E Shan Sauce, Tamarind and Fish Sauce with spices and Chili)


BBQ Chicken

Pad Ke Mao, delicious flat rice noodles with lots of fresh veggies and to name a few carrots, beans, broccoli etc. The best goes with any gravy of your choice or the in house sauces.

Pad Me Kao

Prawn with Holy Basil, delectable bites of prawns with Oyster, Mushroom and Soya Sauce, basil leaf fried till you get the crunch on each bite. A bit of beans just loaded over. My hubby loved it so much that the ratio was 5:1 and i being the 1…

Prawn with Holy Basil

As Desserts are always my favorite part, but i am not taking sugar this days by doctor’s advised, but no worries i had my expert, HUBBY DEAR to tell me about it.

Hazelnut Coconut Chocolate Spring Rolls, prepared with crispy spring roll molten hazel chocolate and served with ice cream. I can make out from his expression that it was way too delicious and the ice cream served gave  a lot of character to the dessert in whole.


What an experience to share, really i was amazed by the food, staff, hospitality, decor and the location a you get free parking inside the building. What an you expect more. so do not be late to grab this delicious place.Now this will be ours visit most of the time, as i cannot say much longer to try their other delicacy.


Highlights : Home Delivery,Wifi,Outdoor Seating

Phone number : 04 4535403 Table booking recommended

Cuisines : Thai, Seafood, Asian

Cost : AED 200 for two people (approx.) Cash and Cards accepted

Opening hours : 12 Noon to 11 PM

Address : P-03, Plaza Level, Building 04, Bay Square, Business Bay, Dubai

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